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Torrington, Connecticut, United States | SELF

Torrington, Connecticut, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop




"Some Video Feedback"

yo whats good been a min i see you still doin your thing thats whats good that video came out hood how long did it take to make it (Ant Adamo)

haha good sh*t man, i like the ending, what a funny look on your face lol (Mike Garafalo)

lmaoo good sh*t bro if i had a life i woulda been dere (at the Video shoot) lol (John Santos)

that video is serious good job with thattt (Tina Marie)
this is HOT SH*T MAN (Nick Patrick) - Multiple Fans

"Fan appreciation"

whittittttt, can't believe I've got a rap superstar wishing me happy birthday hahahaha thanks bro! - Jay Bushey

"Enthusiastic Fan"

Keep doin it bro! keep doin it! - Andrew Johnson (Fan Feedback)

"Modivated Artist"

this summer music is bout to be rocking, i was already excited but this dude Jordan J-Witit Whittaker, just put me over the edge. LETS GET IT!! 4 days - Adrian Soulo Gardner

"Newly Found Fan"

sh*ts sick...keep goin - Facebook Fan

"Helping With Hip Hop"

C.O.A has recently broken new grounds in performing their original music at concert venues. C.O.A last performed at Club Pyramid in New York city in front of 120 people. Their next show is scheduled for Feb. 23 at the ADC Performance Center in Southbridge Mass. Despite only being out on the stage for a few month's C.O.A has seemingly made progress since before turning 18. Because of the age limit C.O.A could not perform at several venues they had applied to before, and since becoming of the legal age they have been booked for many shows - The Register Citizen

"City Hip Hop Team seeing Success"

A Torrington-based Hip Hop team has seen success in recent months, and will continue to offer shows for a good cause in the coming weeks. Recently WitIt noted, that the group is getting more serious about making it big. "Things have been really good we got a lot of possitive comments," he said. "We have big dreams" - The Register Citizen


Still working on that hot first release.



In the midst of a competition driven music industry where music executives look to seek the next “complete” artist who composes catchy hooks, all the way to credible verses few are able to exceed today standards. While many lack the expectation’s of a complete artist Connecticut native J-WiTiT (born Jordan Whittaker) brings promise to the New Era of hip hop.

Raised by his Family in Connecticut J-WiTiT’s hometown of Torrington would provide much of the experiences that would come to shape his sound. At an extremely young age J-WiTiT was exposed to rap by his older brothers, and immediately took interest. By the age of 13 he began writing rhymes, and was granted his rap name “J-WiTiT” by a fellow classmate due to his last name, witty rhymes, and over all gift for music. At age 15 J-WiTiT began recording with a local group in which he acquired experiences, and picked up on skills necessary to pursue a music career. Determined to follow his rap dream, he begged his parents to allow him to pursue a rap career. Although Hesitant his parents agreed after seeing how passionate he was towards music, and from there J-WiTiT spent his time working vigorously to evolve into the artist he is today.

Feeling the need to be in the music industry J-WiTiT uses college as a tool to follow his dream. He is currently attending Southern Connecticut State University in the attempt to become more acquainted with the business of music. With his experiences of college life and growing up in the suburbs J-WiTiT paves his road to success by creating music that audiences of all ages and backgrounds can relate to.