Jay Wright & the soul bucket
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Jay Wright & the soul bucket

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Alternative Acoustic


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"low down dirty love..indeed"

An emerging talent by the name of Jay Wright has recently been appearing at a number of venues in the Connecticut/ New York area. The multi-talented singer/songwriter has implored a plethora of influences and experiences to create a sound that is, at the very least unique, but infectious may be a more appropriate word.

Wright’s debut full length album, “The Low Down Dirty Love CD,” demands each of its listeners full attention as its smooth blend of soul and folk vibes initially engage the listener until his socially conscious and heartfelt lyrics take over. He casually yet sternly expresses optimism when it comes to meaningful, universal issues such as world change and overcoming adversity. A rhythmic, acoustic and surprisingly upbeat “Why…Tell Me” explores lost love and the mindset that one must go on because tomorrow will come regardless. The acoustic guitar is enhanced by subtle, yet vital keyboards that will have listeners toe-tapping and finger snapping and finding it exceptionally hard not to find the lyrics uplifting and resonant.

Anyone on this planet that has ever had dreams and resented parents, friends, and pundits alike for constantly questioning and criticizing how they are living their life, will find themselves entranced by “Dream Chasin.” As one of the most thought provoking tracks on the album, its constant reminder that life should be lived in accordance with the individual living it is not only refreshing but required, yes required, if we are to continue to benefit from the creativity of the artists who conquer critics and adversity to invent the sounds that so many of us use as an escape from every day trials and tribulations.

The title track, “Dirty Love,” delves into the familiar issues of what exactly is love and asks the question of why do we continue to stay with someone whom we “love” when we are not sure if we in fact truly do love them. The unique fuse of percussion and electric bass are not only refreshing, but subtly necessary.

“Better Days” and “Change Gotta Come” remind us all to look forward to the promise of tomorrow and the belief that a more hopeful time is on the horizon.

Jay Wright’s artistic vision is fueled by his experiences as well as his dreams. Those who enjoy Jack Johnson, Amos Lee, and Ben Harper would do themselves a favor to sample this fresh face and invigorating style of music. All should look forward to more from the eccentric and exceptionally gifted Jay Wright.

More information on Jay Wright can be found at www.myspace.com/soulbucket
- HBCU Online


There may be a surprise in store for those who go looking for Soulbucket the band. In fact, this musical project is Jay Wright, a singer and songwriter based in New York. He has been recognized for a unique ability to fuse folk, urban music and soul, all the while giving the listener “socially conscious songs,” according to Josh Jackson of Paste Magazine.

There are some really nice rhythms on what he has titled “The Low Down Dirty Love CD.” Dirty Love is good listening, especially for those who long for a taste of some decades-old soul/love crooning. This is not complex music, but then it’s not necessary to have complicated arrangements to qualify for the “good music” category. “Why tell me” offers some nice electronic keyboard, along with smooth vocals from Wright. One observer has stated that this music has “vibe.”

Listeners in the U.K. are urging Jack Johnson fans, and Ben Harper fans, to give Wright a listen. This is good advice, for the styles fit very well. This listener particularly likes the comparison to the legendary Bill Withers, a comparison made on www.garageband.com.

It’s acoustic, its soulful, it’s mellow. But most of all, Jay Wright and Soulbucket is tasty. (I’ve always liked that adjective.)

review published at www.indieupdate.com/2008/07/14/soulbucket/ - IndieUpdate.com


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"I've uncovered a singer/songwriter with a unique brand of folk/soul. He's unsigned, and I'm really liking what he's doing, and his name is Jay Wright"
Chris Douridas - KCRW Los Angeles

Jay Wright is an East Coast based singer/songwriter who's sound
encompasses a fuse of acoustic folk& organic soul with soothing vocal melodies over toe-tapping rhythmic grooves.

With his debut release entitled "The Low Down Dirty Love CD", Jay Wright explores, discovers, and nurtures an eclectic mesh of musical genres creating a unique footprint of style & vibe dubbed simply as soulbucket. With hope inspired lyrics about love lost & found, personal reflection, & social commentary, Jay Wright’s music proves intellectually crafted with "stories through song" that embark on a so-called "journey through his mind".

At the bottom of a bucket, you'll find the depths of a soul. The music is soulful, the vibe is mellow, and the experience is quite awesome. So come along for some acoustic urban folk distilled from 100% organic soul spirit in a 1763 bucket.... or shall we say, come along for some soulbucket stylings.

For more information on Jay Wright & the soulbucket, you can look him up on the web at www.myspace.com/soulbucket