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"Artist Highlight: Get on this JYPSY TRAIN!"

I am super excited to bring to your attention an artist who excites me with her unique sound and fresh new video! Jeyfree has recently released the hot JYPSY TRAIN video. We were able to get an exclusive question and answer session with the genius herself. Enjoy

1. Tell us about yourself and your new project Jypsy Train

First I would like to say thank you for supporting my music. I appreciate you taking the time to interview me. My stage name is Jypsy Jey Free. I am a free-loving, spiritual and creative woman. My tone is that of a woman who has seen and experienced life, so there is wisdom in my tone but, I am excited to take people on a journey with me.

My musical journey is the definition of a Jypsy. I am one inclined to a nomadic, unconventional way of life. My music, my fashion and my approach to life are unconventional therefore I am a Jypsy.

2. You shot the whole video on an iPhone 4. Describe how that felt and the final outcome.

The video was about a journey through time. I drew inspiration from Harriet Tubman and our ancestors. I envisioned myself as a freedom fighter leading the Jypsettes to freedom. A lot of people have asked me about why my Jypsettes are all curvy women. I am not a size 2, and I believe people of all shapes and sizes are beautiful and it was important to me to display that in my Video. The video was about a journey through life exploring the different masks that each of us wear in society. When Semaj and I discussed the treatment of the video we set out to create an innovative yet non traditional visual expression of the song.

I enjoyed the entire process of making Jypsy Train. My team and I went on a road trip from NYC to Atlanta. My amazing friend Semaj Lee produced and directed the video. We shot throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. We literally took the journey of our ancestors and it was so inspiring and moving. I know God was with us throughout this journey which made this video particularly special.

To be completely honest, and this is an exclusive tidbit, the unique attribute of the video is that Semaj shot the Video through an IPhone 4 and edited it through IMovie and Final Cut. No one has executed and delivered such as high quality video using an IPhone. This is revolutionary! Jypsy Train’s Video is artistically inspiring and visually stunning. The video has created a new lane for how artists fuse the visual and sonic aspects of their work. I am so proud of what we have created. And I am humbled that it has been received so well because we really put our heart into it.

3. What inspires you? Tell us about your work in jewelry and art.

My musical muses span the gamut of genres. I honestly draw my inspirations from so many things. I have traveled around Europe on a dollar and a dream and those experiences play into my artistry. I had the chance to do a major art project in Kenya. I was the first African American female artist to show her jewelry in a fine arts exhibition in Kenya so I draw inspiration from there as well. Musically I love jazz and blues. I draw inspiration from artists like Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse, Janice Joplin and current artists like Jhene Aiko. I am also inspired by my home town, H-Town artists. I love that trill heavy bass, chopped and screwed sound.

4. Who is on your team? Who was responsible for what in the Jypsy video?

I have such a great team. I truly could not do anything without their support. All praises to God first because without His guidance and protection I would not be who and where I am today. My family, my management team ( Grizzle Management), my executive production team Denitia and Sene, my creative director Semaj Lee, my friends and supporters are all apart of the reason why I am encouraged everyday and why I am able to make the strides I have made. They are also the reason why I know there is no limit as to where I can go.

5. Describe your sound and tell our readers why they should buy your music?

I am a natural born renaissance woman and a wild unicorn, inspired by imperfect things.

6. Where is your music and art available? (Provide links to webpages and social media)

You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter @whoisjeyfree, that’s where I will be posting information about my music, my artistry and you’ll get a sneak peek into my Jypsy World.

You can follow my tumblr at http://jypsyjeyfree.tumblr.com/ and like my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/jypsyjeyfree there you will find upcoming appearance information, news and music updates.

For new music you can check my sound cloud at https://soundcloud.com/jypsyjeyfree. Also I will be posting behind the scenes videos and documentary style videos showcases the journey to Jypsy Land on my YouTube page. You can also subscribe to my YouTube and Vevo page at Jypsy Jey Free.

In closing I want people to look deep when wit - Follow the Experience Blog

"Whats So Good"

As much as I rag on unsolicited emails from PR people and aspiring everythings, I am very fortunate to have a circle of great people to put me onto great music. Sene from the duo denitia & sene, and ferocious MC in his own right, hit me yesterday morning talking about a singer he produced that is releasing music on denitia & sene’s imprint. My curiosity was piqued, but my jadedness crept it and I cringed at a d&s knock-off or someone who would be obscured by their shadow.

Jyspy Jeyfree is anything but. The NY artist has an unusual voice that swirls like smoke, coyly rising and falling. “Jyspy Train” is the first leak from an upcoming project, and I’ve probably played it a few dozen times in the 12 hours I’ve had it. The music sounds like something denitia & sene could potentially mess with, but Ms. Jeyfree makes it completely her own. Instead of the sexy sultriness we’ve heard from her mentoring duo, Jeyfree is anything but subtle. Her voice is gargantuan and unmistakable. You won’t be saying she sounds like such and such. It was difficult for me to find a parallel.

It’s always great to hear amazing music out of the blue. I expect great things from this gypsy.
- Indie Shuffle

"jypsy jeyfree “jypsy train (prod. Sene)” [Official Video]"

Let’s step way outside the box for a minute. This fresh new video comes from an artist by the name of jypsy jeyfree. She makes her debut on OKP with this left of center and very expressive video for “jypsy train.” The song was produced by sene, and her upcoming EP, jypsyland, will be out on denitia and sene’s imprint, input (also exec. produced by denitia and sene). Video directed by semaj. I’d suggest playing this one back a few times, it definitely grew on me.
- Ok Player

"Jypsy Jeyfree veröffentlicht erste Single “Jypsy Train”"

Ihr Terrain: Mode, Musik, Kunst

Jypsy Jeyfree veröffentlicht erste Single “Jypsy Train”

Am 22. November 2013 um 13:31 Uhr, von Mela Scheider unter Alben- & Singlereviews

Who is her? Kaum einer kennt sie bisher aber die kreative Mrs. Jeyfree sollte man nicht in den bodenlosen Untergrund des kreativen New Yorks abtauchen lassen. Die Frau ist schön, sexy, freaky und kann singen, aber wer ist sie?
In ihrem Twitter-Profil erklärt sie: “I´m a renaissance woman with a revolutionary heart trying to make history and accessory!”


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Die Künstlerin Jana Freeman aka. Jypsy Jeyfree veröffentlicht ihre erste Single “Jypsy Train”. (Foto: PR Jypsy Jeyfree)

Das ist Jeyfree, eine Künstlerin eine Frau der Mode, sie designed und vermarktet ihre Accessoires.
Aber das ist nicht alles was sie kann, im Oktober hat die talentierte Jeyfree ihre erste Single “Jypsy Train” released. Ihren Klang kann man nur schwer beschreiben. Ein wenig erinnert sie in ihrem Debüt Song in Sachen `Fashion´an Lady Gaga, dabei ist sie experimentierfreudig wie Coco Rosie und SantiGold, `durchgeknallt´ wie Ebony Bones und eine Frau, die für Stärke und Unabhängigkeit steht, wie RnB Sängerin Kelis, eine Mischung aus vielen Guten eben.
Aber trotzdem bietet sie bisher unbekannte Klänge und Töne. Da lohnt sich ein Blick ins Video und der macht neugierig auf mehr aus Jeyfree´s musikalischem Repertoire.

Jana Freeman die Designerin
Als Jana Freeman macht sie Mode, ihre Brand trägt den Namen “Jeyfree”. Sie entwirft neuartige und auffallende Accessoires für die eigenständige Frau. Bereits 2009 war sie das erste Mal auf der Fashion Week und hat dort ihre Kollektion vorgestellt.
Besucht Jeyfree the Fashion-Creator auf ihrem Facebook Profil: Jana Freeman Jeyfree.

Mehr Musik von Jeyfree
Wie sie am 18. November auf ihrem Twitter Profil ankündigte, dauert es nicht mehr lange bis zur Veröffentlichung ihrer zweiten Single “Bangles”. Wir werden also in nächster Zeit sicherlich des Öfteren vom Blumenkind “Jypsy Jeyfree” hören.
Checked Jeyfree auf ihrem Facebook Profil: Jypsy Jeyfree die Musikerin.

Eine Frau – Eine Mission
Jeyfree macht Kunst, denn sie möchte ihrer eigenen Aussage nach:
“Frauen inspirieren sich frei zu fühlen, frei zu leben und am Wichtigsten – frei zu denken…”. (Facebook)

Da bleibt nur zu sagen: Weiter so! Wir bleiben neugierig.

Lest weiter auf okayplayer.com oder auf followtheexperience.com, hier gibt es ein Interview mit Jypsy Jeyfree (allerdings auf englisch).

Und hier kommt ihr zu einer nette Playlist auf IndieShuffle.com

PS.: Auch bei Facebook? Dann werde Fan von amusio!
- Amusio


Still working on that hot first release.



JEYFREE. A lifestyle brand for individuals. Be FREE, think FREE, live FREE.

Bringing high art to streetwear, JEYFREE represents the harmony between classic jewelry and modern art. Invoking the raw emotion of Abstract Expressionism and the perpetual hunger of international fashion, the JEYFREE collection is a continuous series of one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces. Each design is limited edition, acrylic-on-canvas, fine wiring, wearable art: Gypsy Plugs, Juju Rings, Ear Ryders, Originators, Drops, and Daggers. Sported by artists and fashionistas alike, JEYFREE has been seen on Beyonce’s stylist, Ty Hunter, Leela James, Sy Smith, and more…

The collection came into the world on a hot, late night in Texas in 2008. Jana Freeman, stylist, makeup artist, and visual artist, was with a friend in her Houston apARTment, when Jana, in jest, held one of her abstract paintings up to her ear. Her friend was stunned: “Yo. Do THAT.” Ms. Freeman turned to a mirror and agreed. Flash. Lightning. JEYFREE was born.

From Nairobi to Switzerland to NYC, JEYFREE herself has been around the world fostering her passion for cultural awareness and social progress, channeling these ideals through her work and art. The result is a body of work both aesthetic and socio-political.

JEYFREE turns accessory fashion on its head: its not just jewelry, its not just art. Its a movement. Its freedom at its finest. Raw. Loud. Wild. Unpredictable.

Her sound has been coined as jazz electro trill blues. Her performances are electrifying. She captivates her audience and keeps them enchanted with her voice until her last breathe.

Live your FREEdom.


Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/#jypsyjeyfree .

Jyspy Train video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhFxCJ_egLc

Tumblr: http://jypsyjeyfree.tumblr.com/

Instagram: @whoisjeyfree

Twitter: @whoisjeyfree

Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/jypsyjeyfree