K. F. Jacques

K. F. Jacques

 Chicago, Illinois, USA
SoloPopHip Hop

Audiences have marveled worldwide as K. F. Jacques sings live shows combining classical, rap, and rock, in almost every song. Executed with the expertise of a master vocalist and producer, with uninhibited originality, unmatched ability, and an insatiable passion for creating musical masterpieces.


Khary “KFJacques” Laurent is a Master of Music, born, raised, and degreed in Chicago. He paves the way in pop music with infectious Hip-Hop beats infused with electronic, classical, rock, and ethnic influences. His vocals cover a wide range - from Rap to Opera to R&B. He’s been solicited for collaborations around the world with music composed and performed in four different languages.


Disenchantment - Single
KFJacques - EP1
KFJacques - EP2



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