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Crestline, California, United States | SELF

Crestline, California, United States | SELF
Band Metal Rock


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Ahh….what a breath of fresh air. K626 play the kind of balls out metal that reminds me why I got into this genre in the first place. Instead of wasting their talent playing tired grind crap that is all too overdone by every other band and their mother's brother, these dudes stick to the old school traditions of death/thrash metal. Reminiscent of pre-"Roots" Sepultura and other groups of the late 80's early 90's era, the aural beating given by K626 takes you back to the days of REAL moshpits and head banging. From the opening punch in the face of "Lord of Maggots" to the closing kick in the balls that is "Conviction" and everything in between, these guys pummel the listener with a lethal dose of metal mayhem that will leave it's imprint in a bloody stamp on your forehead. Labels, your next big seller is right here. Sign 'em up !


http://www.myspace.net/k626 - Bubbs

MEMBERS AND INSTRUMENTS: Brent Wisdom (lead guitar); Joe Downard (drums); Brian Downard (bass); Chris “Skary” Shaw (vocals)
RECENT RELEASE: Seven Deadly (self-released, 2008)
KINDRED SPIRITS: Death, death, Obituary, obituaries, Living Sacrifice, sacrifices, Slayer, slaying.
WEBSITE: www.k626.net

It doesn’t take much to impress us; it actually takes one hell of a whole lot. Case in point: When K626 e-mailed us over the summer, telling us that they were “violently seeking publicity” for their band, it was quite the passionate push. Yeah, we were into it. Next, we threw the disc in the player and were promptly assaulted by the artillery fire—err, we mean the double-kicked blast beats and blitzkrieg shredder riffs—and we were definitely into it. Then, we watched the videos on YouTube, convincingly filmed with story lines and toughened footage, and we were freakin’ sold.

But this Crestline band’s been at it for over a decade, so they’ve had time to put it together, particularly after Skary arrived last year to assume the role of vocalist. Their established show is seen often, as the act heads down the mountain for shows at places like The Vibe in Riverside and the Music Room in San Bernardino.

“Both of those places can be packed out easily and when you have a room full of people crushing each other—fire codes not being broken, of course—it creates an electric atmosphere that spills out all over the place,” says guitarist Brent Wisdom.
One thing we need to clear up: K626 are definitely from the Inland Empire, and not the 626 area code that blankets a chunk of LA County, as their name might imply. The death metal act’s actually named after Mozart’s final concerto (can you believe it?!). In fact, they’ll be representing the IE when they head out to the Rock the Ink event in Rhode Island later this month, opening for Killswitch Engage and little known band called Godsmack.

Wisdom notes that interested parties can download the band’s total collection of recordings for free. (Nice guys!) “And make sure you befriend us on MySpace so we can spam the crap out of you,” he adds. OK, kinda nice guys.
–Waleed Rashidi

K626 at the Music Room, 4360 N. Sierra Way, San Bernardino, (909) 883-6513, Saturday, October 11, 8PM

http://www.myspace.net/k626 - Waleed Rashidi

K626 is a metal band from the Inland Empire of Southern California, living and breathing music in the San Bernardino mountains. K626 is a hard-hitting, aggressive, in-your-face band that has just finished recording its new album Seven Deadly, along with a music video for "Lord of Maggots" which was a great success. K626 members are very professional, motivated and entertaining. If you have a taste for metal, these are your guys.


- Metal Edge Magazine Jan/Feb 2009

K626 are the real deal; hard hitting, aggressive, and in your face. If you have a taste for death metal, these guys will sate your hunger with their brand of brutality. With all- original material, K626 write and rock about the war between good and evil. Catch them live in August to see who will prevail.

http://www.myspace.com/k626 - Revolver Magazine Oct 2008


~Beyond The Grave Vol. 1 (2006)
[Available for purchase through www.cdbaby.com, www.amazon.com, available for free download at www.k626.net]

~Beyond The Grave Vol. 2 (2007)
[Available for free download at www.k626.net, www.purevolume.com]

~Seven Deadly (2008)
[All tracks are available for free download through www.k626.net, www.purevolume.com]

~The Gates of the Necropolis (2010) [Downloads to come]



K626 is a metal band from the mountains. The members consist of Brent Wisdom on guitars, Joe Downard on drums, Christopher Skary on vocals and Justin Powell on bass.

Established in the 90’s, they crushed the scene with their unique style of metal. In 2006 they recorded two EP’s and in 2008 they recorded and self produced their first album 'Seven Deadly'.

Inspired by musicians like Sepultura, Obituary, Amon Amarth, and Lamb of God; K626 are uniquely creative in every aspect of their live show and recorded albums. With a realization that they have to bring something different to the stage, they don’t disappoint. These guys, along with their crew, are masters of music dominating metal performances.

K626 has played various venues with bands such as Obituary, Machine Head, Godsmack, Killswitch Engage, and Shadows Fall. They have air play on XM Liquid Metal, Metal Head radio, and 1.FM High Voltage. They are featured in magazines such as Revolver, Metal Edge, and Muen. They’ve had interviews with Metal Sanaz, the Metal Scene T.V. Show, Metal Monthly, Fuse, and more.

The K626’s team is working on acquiring endorsements, internet radio airplay, magazine ads, consistent concert dates and meeting new investors and publicists.

On August 4th 2010 K626 will release a new album, “The Gates of the Necropolis”.

Investing much time and cash into their passion for metal music, K626 works constantly on perfecting their music and live show. They are ready to plow through the states and around the world.