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"K8 Review March 2006"

27 March

Talking about Making Music - Review from Noise Festival


Making Music

“If music be the food of love, play on” wrote William Shakespeare in Twelfth Night.

In my opinion Mr Shakespeare was bang on the mark with that one. Music and love are often interchangeable, even in the impersonal, dog eat dog world of 21st century

Britain. Music feeds love and love feeds music.

With such an important influence on the well-being of our hearts, it therefore seems criminal that it is only now that I am considering the talented musicians Britain has to offer, and for that I apologise.

Without further delay, I present to you K8, a 24 year old Londoner who has been making sweet music for 4 years.

K8’s incredibly unique sound lays catchy pop melodies over a combination of rock and dance music. The additional electronica element which features in most of her songs further enhances her originality.

The release of her latest tune Splash brings her total number of singles to 4. Splash is a toe-tapping little gem, with catchy lyrics and hair raising guitar riffs. K8’s pleasantly rocky singing style makes this number and must for your CD collection.

As if that’s not enough, her other 3 singles are equally memorable and I guarantee you’ll be humming the melodies after just one listen.

I know It’s You, her first release, is incredibly infectious. It contrasts soft, lilting, dido-esque melodies in the verses with a strong, electronica chorus. The result is a refreshing and original track which is crying out for clubland.

The net is teeming with talented music makers and I apologise, (again) for not including more of them. However, I was so impressed with K8 that I decided to dedicate an entire blog to her. But I promise to return to music very soon.

K8, you go girl! Get yourself involved in Noise, and let the rest of Britain share your wicked sound.

Chloe x

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Dec 2004 - debut single released 'I Know It's You' - real club anthem. Also released a rock version of the song. Popular track with internet sites.
April 2005 - release of song 'Intense' in pop and dance versions. Also scored number 12 in Radiowave monitor charts overall.
November 2005 - dance/pop song 'Seduction' released - regularly high placing in internet site charts.
January 2006 - pop/rock song 'Splash!' released - again high chart placings with various internet sites.
June 2006 - previous release - 'Luscious' - sexy pop-rocker already impacting internet site all genre charts.
Sept2006 - Second CD release '38 Degrees and Rising'

Latest release - new CD '38 Degrees and Rising' available http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/k8j2music. Listen at www.k8music.org


Feeling a bit camera shy


K8 (kate)

UK Dance/pop-rock singer K8 has a style all of her own. Her music mixes rock guitar with pop choruses and electronica all thrown into the mix.
Her single releases since her debut club anthem ('I Know It's You' - Dec04) have been attracting more attention one by one, gradually increasing her popularity all the time. She is now a regular feature in the top of the charts of such internet sites as Soundclick and many others. She has also released a CD-EP, 'I Know It's You', containing both versions of her first 2 singles - available at most good online stores including CD Baby, Apple i-tunes etc.

Sept2006 - Second CD released '38 Degrees and Rising'

June 2006 - K8's previous single release -'Luscious' - a pounding pop/rock song that grabs you where it should! A sensual and memorable piece of music for K8 to add to her already increasingly popular list of dance and pop/rock singles. Listen to the individual and different sound of K8!

January 2006 - release - K8 releases 'Splash!' - her fourth single release. A guitar driven mainstream pop/rock song with a memorable chorus and a different edge that is the sound of K8. A great song! Listen now!!

November 2005 - 'Seduction' released - K8's third single release. Driving rock guitar riff over driving dance/club rhythm with a chorus that stays in your head for days!

April 2005 - single release 'Intense' in pop and dance versions. A mad and fun radio friendly pop song.

December 2004 - debut single release 'I Know It's You' in dance and rock versions.

Genre: Pop, Pop-rock, Dance
Country: United Kingdom
City or area: London, UK
Influences: Pink
Guns 'n' Roses
Bon Jovi