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This CD is one of the best CD's in hip hop today. Not many artists are putting out a consistent album that can be listened to beginning to end, but K9 pulled it off in this highly anticipated record. - projectvibe.net


LP: Battle 4 The Greatest



My music is Hip Hop, and I'm a Hip Hop head. I live and breath Hip Hop, I'm always either listenin to it or makin it.
I have so many influences that there's no way I can list them all, from Pac to Wayne to Cube, they've all inspired me.
I have a different sound that I bring, and my goal is to always outshine myself.
I just wanna rap, there's nothin else I want more. I mean I did come from nothin, I still don't HAVE alot, but I've DONE alot. Honestly, I'm just tired of livin how I'm livin and rap's my ticket out since it's the only other thing I know how to do. I don't wanna talk about it anymore either, I just wanna do it, and move onto better things. I've been through alot and feel lucky about makin it out of alot of the situations I've gottin into, but luck runs out, and I can't still be there doin the same damn thing when it does.