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Ballarat, Victoria, Australia | SELF

Ballarat, Victoria, Australia | SELF
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"Kaamora: Lambs to the Slaughter 16Jul09"

The eerie opening to the first track builds tension like few albums I’ve heard before, before your dropped into what can only be described as a Spartan pit fight. This is metal. Real metal. And there are no prisoners taken here.

It’s definitely progressive, but it’s not math metal. Thankfully. It’s raw and quite emotive. The timing is supburb.

Ballarat never sounded so brutal.

Yep, this is a local band from Victoria, Australia. The drums and bass stick together and move as a powerful force. The guitars are dripping wet on top and drive a lot of treble and high mid. The vocals are done in a full growl – not everyone’s cup of tea – and the force is again brutal. You can hear a unique blend of a wide range of influences coming to taint this voice: I get flavours of Bolt Thrower, Cradle of Filth and a little Pantera in the higher screams.

The guitars continue to fly on top of drums and bass that can only be described as a rumbling boom. It’s a really nice balance of blood lust and atomic doom: it’s fast yes, and raw, but the bass and drums ground the sound to give it depth. Depth, especially in faster and harder metal, is vital to develop any kind of story and emotion with the listener.

Soul of A Machine is track 5 of the 7 track album – is a great little spoken word piece. A really unique mark on the album – and something rarely done.

Birth of a Digital God would definitly have to be one of my favourite tracks followed by Ruptured. Over all, the final track End of The Aeon - would be my favourite. Like the opening track, we’re treated to the vocalists clean styled vocals. AND FUCK ARE THEY GOOD. The vocalist, Luke Greenwood, really showcasing his full range, tonal flexibility and raw emotion throughout this last piece.

The album over is very dynamic and is great cranked at some solid volumes. To Dylan, Will, Aaron, Jase and Luke: keep up the amazing work. Hope to see you guys in Sydney sometime.

For everyone else, get your copy of Lambs to the Slaughter by Kaamora and prepare to be taken apart with a pick axe, and love every minute of it.


I just kept the CD running and discovered the secret track. Hah. This is fucking brilliant.

http://mog.com/blog_posts/1394309/mogbar - The Music Blogs (Jye Smith)

"Lambs to the Slaughter by Kaamora, 2009"

Heavy Metal: Music which is Profound (Heavy) and Gritty Sounding (Metal).

Whenever I do a review of a band which has chosen a genre which is not considered as being “mainstream” and is not as well known to the general public, I feel that it is only fair to everyone concerned, that is, not only to the group, but to my readers as well, that I give a little background material on their chosen genre, so that their music can be better understood. We must keep in mind that
music is a language meant for communication and unless we understand the language we cannot communicate with it.

First of all, Death Metal does not follow the usual “verse – chorus – verse” of traditional pop and pop rock music. It begins with a riff and than another and another until the song is complete. Second, Death metal bands tend to use complex language to describe the world in terms of its function and technologies. Death Metal music is very structured and in that respect, is closer to classical and baroque music than it is to rock. Unlike rock genres, there is almost a total absence of gender words and love songs. Its goal is not to affirm the emotions of the individual, but to point out the effects of structural change in the surrounding world. Death metal is not about emotional escapism. Death metal is about reality.

Probably one of the biggest complaints, especially from first time listeners of Death Metal, is that they can’t understand the lyrics. I have to admit that this is not always an easy task. Unlike other forms of music, in Death Metal the vocalist takes almost a secondary role to the music. The volume of the vocalist is usually slightly lower than that of the music. In Death Metal the music, not the vocalist, plays the central role. Secondly, rather than singing in a clear, melodious voice, the Death Metal vocalist uses low pitched “death growls” and high pitched “death rasp” screams. All this aside, if a person is truly interested in broadening their music horizons, by paying close attention to and repetitive listening, the lyrics of Death Metal, can and should be, understood.

Now on to Lambs to the Slaughter, by Kaamora. The name Kaamora or Caamora, means “to purge through use of fire”. Kaamora hails from the small town of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. The central theme of this EP is the destruction of society by the very machines it has created. That by the “flip of a switch” the predator becomes the prey and that we are close to becoming a Matrix-like society. This is a classic Death Metal theme.

The first thing that impressed me is that listening to the full EP is like reading a book. Everything is in order and to further enhance this the lead-in tracks have been eliminated between several of the tracks so that they blend together as one. Since the player I use on this blog only plays one track at a time I had to combine tracks to demonstrate this effect. You’ll have to take my word that this is how it appears on the EP. The EP starts out with the eerie, short introduction, Into the Storm, which sets the mood and continues on, chapter after chapter, that is song after song, and finishes with End of an Aeon, that is the Aeon of man. By listening to this EP you catch a glimpse of the history and the fate of man. Of things past, and things yet to come.

I’ve never considered myself a “head banger”, but about halfway through the second track I found my head bobbing to the rhythmic beat! The music is that well written and the band plays superbly! Drummer Dyl Jones carries a heavy and steady beat, Lead guitarist Will X and bassist Aaron Thomas play-off against each other flawlessly and Emgee’s keyboards round out and add fullness to the music.

Vocalist Luke Greenwood can actually sing and has an amazing range, from the lowest “Death Growl” to the highest pitched “Death Rasp” scream! Even though he sings behind a wall of sound, his lyrics come through.

Kaamora may very well be setting a new standard and raising the bar of Heavy Metal/Death Metal for bands to come. I agree with the other reviews of this group. Kaamora should be fronting for a major Metal group and should be on a major label within a year!

If you are a Heavy/Death Metal fan, you owe it to yourself to purchase a copy of Lambs to the Slaughter by Kaamora. If you are not a fan of Heavy/Death Metal, you should buy a copy of Lambs to the Slaughter, anyway, as a means of broadening you musical horizons and becoming more eclectic in your musical tastes. 9 out of 10 and a thumbs up for Lambs to the Slaughter, by Kaamora!

By Bill Dwyer
(http://gcmusic.tmblr.net/?cat=120) - Gulf Coast Music Reviews


Those that have followed our issues for the last several months know that we are fascinated with Australian metal.

This month we bring you Kaamora a band that will kick your teeth out Aussie style. They have the thrash, the power and the tenacity to beat their way into the hillbilly hall of fame. These guys are the real deal and they setting their sites on world domination so take heed all you week humans and behold Kaamora!
Cecil Sizzlin

Kaamora is a band that love the phrase “if you want something done right, do it yourself”.

Sitting in their tiny studio in Ballarat, Victoria, Kaamora record their music using a budget “Topp pro” mic and one of those microphones you get with the Singstar playstation game, onto a rented PC that needs the occasional ‘Fonzie Manoeuvre” (eyy)  to keep it running.

“Why do they record like this?” you ask?

Well, it all comes down to experience, and lack of money. Kaamora’s 5 members have a rich music history, and consist of musicians from Girl vs Ghost, Make Shift Manner, Greenstick Fracture, Stop Staring and Rising Flag. And they know studio time is expensive, and would rather spend hours getting every single note perfect than cutting corners and playing something easy. Because ‘easy’ has been over-done, and Kaamora was formed to write music that is interesting, complex and inspiring.
Besides, government welfare payments in Australia are a pittance, and we all know that you can’t perform inspiring music in a bland, professional, soundproof studio. No, you need the empty beer bottles, the overflowing ashtrays and the chilliness that only a small room in a down-market rental house can provide.
Perhaps the members of Kaamora are obsessive, maybe a little too confident, or maybe they’re just stark raving bonkers, but you just can’t argue with the quality of the music that comes out of that little room.
And while you would expect low quality music and graphics from a bunch of dole bludgers with crappy equipment and a lot of free time on their hands, listen to what they’re producing and you’ll soon be headbanging your fucking brains out.

Twisted Hillbilly Magazine (USA), Issue 9 August 2008
www.twistedhillbilly.com/ - Twisted Hillbilly Magazine (USA), Issue 9 August 2008

"Kaamora - Lambs to the Slaughter"

Kaamora are a progressive metal band from Victoria, Australia and have been creating quite a stir on the metal scene. Recently appearing on national TV advertisements for ‘Rivers Australia’, the band is growing in popularity rapidly and has played with the likes of Orpheus, Order of Torment and Nous. And for those that are wondering what the name means, Kaamora means ‘to purge through use of fire’. These Aussies are serious.

Kaamora’s debut EP is entitled ‘Lambs to the Slaughter’ and has been made almost entirely by the band- the only thing done by anyone else is the actual recording. The EP’s graphics, mixing and mastering was all done by the band; and they certainly did a professional job making it. The album art portrays a fiery apocalyptic scene and the quality of sound on the album is fantastic.

The album has influences ranging from Metallica to Pantera and Pink Floyd but sounds different to what is already out there. ‘Lambs to the Slaughter’ starts with the intro ‘Into the Storm’, a track consisting of eerie ritualistic sounds and crashing rain. The intro is reasonably quiet despite sounding a bit unnatural, and as such tricks the listener into thinking the album might not be quite as thunderous as their name suggests. However, the next track, ‘Tempest Rising’, is a sharp reminder of what Kaamora stand for and the pure aggression of their metal sound bursts out with powerful vocals, strong drums and a great guitar solo. ‘Ruptured’ is a fast paced track filled with fiery vocals and more apocalyptic undertones, whilst ‘Soul of a Machine’ breaks up the pace with the very philosophical question ‘Who is God?’

This lull disappears once more with ‘Birth of a Digital God’ which is similar to the rest of the more metal-sounding tracks on the album. The song has great vocals which are complemented by excellent guitar and drums once again.

Kaamora could be the biggest progressive metal band to come out of Australia if they continue making music like ‘Lambs to the Slaughter’. Don’t be surprised if you see them on Rock Band in a few years.


Reviewed by Martin
www.wrenmusicreviews.com - Wren Music Reviews (UK)

"EP review: 'Lambs to the Slaughter' by Kaamora"

While others start bands with hopes of becoming the center of the universe, Australian death metal band Kaamora (cah-mor-rah) was formed for self-enjoyment and was unintentionally tossed into the crowds' attention after selling out every copy of the band's demo. Following this great success, the five-piece group got together in the studio and recorded their debut EP 'Lambs to the Slaughter', which was a DIY effort as they produced it themselves and released it under their own label, RMF records, in May 2009.

The band consists of vocalist Luke Greenwood, lead guitarist Will X, Jase Emgee on guitar and keyboard, Aaron Thomas on bass, and Dylan "Dyl" Jones on drums.

'Lambs to the Slaughter' is a 7-track EP:

1. Into The Storm
2. Tempest Rising
3. Ruptured
4. Educating The Worms
5. Soul Of A Machine
6. Birth Of The Digital God
7. End Of An Aeon

'Lambs to the Slaughter' is one of those CD's that you'll find yourself cranking on your car stereo to scare the kids in the neighborhood. It's loud, it's heavy, and it's unapologetic. It begins with a 58-second intro track called "Into The Storm" that is unsettling, eerie noise that appropriately ties into the ambiance of down-pouring rain. In the end a nightmarish, almost ghostlike scream leads into the second track, "Tempest Rising", and you'll find your head moving to this easy-flowing song without realizing it. It's the type of sound that makes you want to fight somebody, which in turn makes this song a great crowd pleaser for live shows. It combines hard, aggressive guitar riffs with a melody established by the keyboard, and Luke Greenwood's voice going through a scale of low growls, spine-chilling high screams, and somewhat "clean" vocals within the chorus.

Greenwood's abilities as a vocalist are something uncommon amongst many independent metal bands, as in he can actually sing and he doesn't suck. He possesses a very powerful voice that demands your respect (and your soul). With Dylan Jones, his drumming has the quality of any top metal band's, going rabid on his drum kit and yet maintaining time and beat. The guitars can be difficult to distinguish in these songs considering there's so much going on, but Will X makes his presence known in future tracks as he wreaks havoc in "Ruptured" and "Birth Of The Digital God.

Throughout the EP, each musician will leave their impact as very talented individuals. From first impression it might feel like the songs are becoming unoriginal and difficult to distinguish, but all it takes is time to sit down and really listen and you can name each song by heart without looking at the track number and back of the CD case. Kaamora are well on their way to establishing their signature sound to separate themselves from what we've already heard in the metal scene. It's definitely Will X's personal style as a lead guitarist and Jase Emgee's keyboard that makes them stand out the most from other bands.

As these guys continue descending down the right path, not only are they material as an opening band for huge tours and/or metal festivals, but they can even be a likely candidate for big record companies such as Trustkill and Century Media. You might not fully recognize the talent of the band as a whole by first listen to 'Lambs to the Slaughter', but after the second or third time, this band will be stuck to you like an infectious disease. With their raw talent and potential in mind, Kaamora's debut EP earns a 7.5/10.

This EP is available for purchase in stores in Victoria, Australia, but for everyone else you can buy it from their Myspace. Keep your eyes and ears open for these guys, they're making way into the metal scene and they're armed and dangerous.

Favorites: Ruptured, Educating The Worms, Birth Of The Digital God, and bonus track "Joe The Redneck" because it's way too funny to pass up.

Author: Jourdaine Middleton National Metal Examiner for eXaminer.com - eXaminer.com (June 19 2009) by Jourdaine Middleton Metal Music National Examiner


2008 Demo
Lambs to the Slaughter EP



Luke Greenwood, Will X, Aaron Thomas, Dylan Jones and Jase Emgee, 5 members of the Ballarat music community that aimed to deliver some loud heavy metal, formed Kaamora in late 2007/early 2008.

Influenced by a range of Metal and Progressive Rock artists they fuse Spanish, Eastern and Classical melodies with a heavy, fast paced rhythm to create music that will blast your ear-holes out, mash your insides to a pulp and screw with your self control, leaving you head-banging until your brains fall out.

Their lyrics paint a range of twisted sonic images, from bloody medieval battles to disturbing prophecies of a future lead by machines, and everything in between.

May 14 2009 Kaamora released their EP 'Lambs to the Slaughter'. The release of the EP resulted in the band getting airplay on Triple J national broadcaster and having their music used by Rivers Australia for a series of national TV ads.

The band was also the featured Metal-Hardcore/Death Artist for July on Mystagemusic.com

Late in October 2010 the band, like other band before and to come, went through a significant shake up with the departure of two members. However, after a long search for new members the band is back jamming, writing new material, recording and about to hit the road again with vengence.

Kaamora’s reputation for delivering a relentless barrage of sound live is continuing to grow fast. A Kaamora gig is guaranteed to leave your neck sore, your legs cramped and your hair drenched in sweat and spilt beer.