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"Unholy Trinity Review"

01. Countdown - Kabal tears this one up. The chorus coulda used a little more work, but I suppose it works.

02. Addicted (Original) - Production is very upbeat. Good flow on all accounts on this one. Chorus is better than previous track. 2nd guy's raps are a little simplistic. 3rd rapper is on point.

03. Ghost In The Air (Feat. $woop) - This track was also featured on $woop's latest solo "Daviss County Syko." This is one of my favorite tracks on this album and $woop's. Catchy chorus. $woop spits fire, as usual. I like this beat alot, the ghostly echo is a very nice touch.

04. UnHoly Trinity - The beat reminds me of something you could march to for some reason ahah. Great flow on this track. 2nd guy definitely needs to work on the flow, but the raps are on point. Haha, I love the sample, its wayy over used though.

05. H.O.P.E. (Hell On Planet Earth) - I love this song, even though it’s a slower song. The beat is one of the better ones on this album. No Hope For Humanity, No Faith In God

06. Killas Pride - 1st guy RIPS the flow. This is the anthem on the album. The song for the killas. Great chorus. Represent the wicked shit to the day that I die.

07. Dash 2 Death (Feat. $woop) - Another song taken from "Daviss County Syko." McVain does well on this one. Kabal gets the flow down better than McVain. Upbeat track. $woop comes ill again.

08. Edge of Madness (Sampled Remix) - Some people might remember this song from The Asylum - No Rest For The Wicked EP. We'll Kabal originally had verses on the entire album and they cut him out. So Unholy Trinity decided to redo the song. I love both versions. The beat is very creepy. Fits the topic well. I've heard the kabal version of No Rest For The Wicked, he ripped it. I dunno why they cut him out. The more rappers the better IMO

09. OvaDose - In my opinion this is the weakest track on the album. Not that its a bad track, just the other tracks outshine it.

10. Morbid Visions - Another good beat, the wicked-er of the tracks on this album. The vocals on this one are a little low. Pretty good flow, the chorus could use a little work.

11. Edge of Madness (Samples Cleared Mix) - A remix of the original "Edge of Madness." The entire beat on the original was a sample of some movie theme. Thus the "Samples Cleared Mix."

12. Sampler 2005 - A sampler for all the releases coming from Born 2 Darkness Productions. They all sound pretty good to me (the snippet of the McVain track showed much improvement) well...minus the techno one ahah.

13. Bonus Track: Eat What U Kill - Hidden Track of sorts. The best chorus on the entire album. I enjoyed the beat alot, good switch ups. This was originally gonna be cut from the album, but they decided to add it as a lil extra.

Overall: Kabal really shines on this album, he definitely had the best flow of the 3 on this one. His solo ("The Crimson Album") should be amazing. The only downpoint is the choruses; for the most part they needed work. The beats could of been a little more on the darker side as well. I'd say the album was definitely worth what you would pay for it. Especially with the free "Born 2 Darkness Productions Presents...Lost Souls" a nice little collection of rare/cut tracks.

I give the album a 7 outta 10.

- / AMKR4Lyfe


KaBaL's Discography includes :
K.I.d - KiLLa In dISGUISE ?/1997 (Apocalypse Entertainment, demo tape)
ASYLUM - Unholy Trinity 1/2000 (Str8 Jakkit Records, internet release)
BanE - Morbid KunfessionZ 1 6/2000 (Str8 Jakkit Records)
AftabIIIrth - Deadly Nightshade Storiez 8/2000 (Apocalypse Entertainment, local release)
BanE - Morbid KunfessionZ 2 12/2000 (Str8 Jakkit Records, internet release)
Do - Year Of The Dragon 1/2001 (Featured Artist)
KaBaL - Tha ReZereKtsHun E.P. 2/2001 (Solo) (Apocalypse Entertainment / Cut Throat Productions)
KaBaL - Morbid KunfessionZ 3 : The Judgement Day Sciptures 5/01
(Fallen Entertainment)
ASYLUM - No Rest For The Wicked (Cut Throat Productions)
Do - Social Illness 12/02 (alley cat productions) (Featured Artist)
Unholy Trinity - Now's The Time 12/14/04 (born 2 darkness production, internet release,
Instore release Dagmar's Boardshop late Jan 2005)
KaBaL - the bloody album 4/05 (born 2 darkness productions; internet release,
instore release, Dagmars Board Shop)


Feeling a bit camera shy


KaBaL started off as a 16 year old high school dropout that persued a music career at a local professional studio, interning for 6 months and then working for them for two and a half years and parting ways when the ownership changed hands. KaBaL went on to work in his own home studio and produce music for local talents. All the while working on material for his soon released "The Crimson Album". His influences include: Esham, Brotha Lynch, System of a Down, Eminem, & KryptiK.