(Latin) Urban artist Kabbala, from Washington Heights, New York City boasts a unique style and rhythmic mixes to make all races, genders and ages of people dance!


Joel Beltre (born September 18, 1986 in Santiago, Dominican Republic), known artistically as Kabbala, is an Award-winning Dominican reggaeton recording artist. He is one of the best known reggaeton artists in the Dominican Republic as well as in Washington Heights in New York City. Kabbala is best known for his songs “Acabala” and "Muevete” from his first album “OverDose, La Antesala”. His songs center on life and love; some examples of these would be "Una Carta” (A Letter) and “Agena” (Owned).

Musical career

During his childhood he practiced singing and focused on lyrical improvisation. His career begins when a group of young teenagers from Washington Heights started making beats and writing songs in their own apartments.
His debut album, “OverDose, La Antesala”, sold over 5,000 units in the Dominican Republic and this number is still rising in the New York City area as well and online stores such as Itunes, Amazon, and My Space. Kabbala is currently an unsigned artist. He self proclaims himself "El Rey Del New York" (The King of New York).


OverDose: La Antesala
• Released: January 7, 2008
• Label: None
• Sales: 5,000 +
• Singles: "Muevete”, "No Le Creo”, "Golpe De Estado”, "Una Carta”

Set List

Set 1:
No Le Creo
Como Juego
En La Disco

More sets available, depends on time and gig.