Austin, Texas, USA

Elevators have weight limits! Jam 3 pumping horns, 2 bouncy guitars, one slap happy bass, drums, boom sticks, melodicas, and all sorts of eclectic polka/funky/rock sounds into an elevator and you're sure to have one bouncy thumping fire hazard heating up every floor!


Kabomba! is an American Funk/Punk/Indie rock band from Austin, Texas. Formed in 2009, Kabomba! is known for their lively and highly energetic performances with an eclectic assortment of sounds ranging from gypsy, funk, dub-reggae, ska-punk and indie rock.

This six piece ensemble incorporates 2 guitarists/lead vocalists Bryce Gorski and Matthew Schuster, bassist Neal Denton, saxophonist Nicholas Steger, trombonist Talley Barnes, and a drummer Caleb Comstock. With members and influences combined, the music created can accurately be described as purely “Kabomba! music.”

Kabomba! has shared the stage with numerous groups including such respected acts as Henry + the Invisibles (two shows at Stubb’s Barbeque in Austin, one notably sold out), Sun Salutation, Grimy Styles, Funkotron, Toast. They have been featured on-air on KTSW the Texas State University radio station, the Austin Examiner, Weird Magazine, and have played throughout most major metro areas in Texas.

Kabomba!'s self-titled debut album is available NOW.



Written By: Bryce Gorski

Colonel Doniphan rested his army on the Rio’s bend.

Colonel Doniphan, there’d be more on that Eve than the frigid to contend.

There the campfires warmed his crowd

And in the South rose a cloud.

Then a man in scarlet and green came and said aloud.

“If you heading down this valley put your weapons on down or you’ll find yourself pushing cactus up through ground. If

you looking for this land, it’s already found. I’ve got men prepared to charge at a trumpet's sound.”

So Colonel Doniphan was asked to step out.

But that was something they couldn’t allow.

Saying, “Hail Columbia! Turn that Black skulled flag around!”

So that day Little Arm was turned upside down, fighting history with military clout.

That day Little Arm was turned upside down, a part of history no longer lived without.

“So lay on your faces and within 60 paces,” El Leon wason his mount

"then rise up and volley!” and shelled into a folly the Lion’s pride went south.

And you might believe.

Chronic Sunrise

Written By: Matthew Schuster

I don’t know where and I don’t know when now,

But someday soon and someday somehow,

‘Cause I got the car and a bottle of Dramamine.

I got a match and a can of gasoline.

I want to see how fast we can go now,

Start from zero and build up somehow.

Gonna leave this city and never look back.

Gonna burn this city and never look back.


Debut album "Kabomba!" is out now on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby!

Set List

Chronic Sunrise
Se Puede
Which one?
Coconuts on the Beach (Nuts)
Rick's Auto Repair
Java (Augustus Pablo)
Plankton Party
Friends (Don't let friends drink alone)
Helix Anthem
Dirty Birds
We steal your music while you're sleeping.