Huntington Beach, California, USA

Take the diverse hard rock offerings of Aerosmith music, and add in a socially conscious awareness characteristic in records by U2, Rage Against the Machine, Green Day, and the Beatles and you got Kabong.


The story is really about the music because that's what brought the band together. Like their namesake, famous cartoon guitar hero El Kabong, Kabong hits the listeners over the head to help raise awareness of the many struggles facing the world today. The plan is to save a million species from human caused extinctions and steal back the world's treasures from corporate greed and government collusion (politicians are supposed to represent us, not corporations).

Vintage Modern Rock Performers; great vocals, tasty guitars and monster drum sounds drive songs espousing socially conscious messages. After years of recording with Duncan Macfarlane, rhythm guitarist Jack Locker talked him into giving it a go as lead vocalist. Duncan sings with incendiary power effortlessly combining styles to underscore the message of a particular song. Guitarist Blake Price, a longtime friend of Jack's, executes angry, bluesy, heavy, and laid-back riffs as only a Southern boy can do. Joey Oddo's crafty bass lines seamlessly fit the music adding just the right touch of low end excitement. Ty Dennis, currently touring with Riders On The Storm (comprised of the Door's original members Robbie Krieger and Ray Manzarek) is a drummer of epic proportion, to hear him play is to experience the divine.

Set List

Right now we can play a 5-6 original song set to open for a major act and possibly a cover song. We will mainly perform material from Captured American Flag Displayed Upside Down and a previously un-released disc we re-recorded called Escape The Insanity. We can play a 10 song set in about 45 minutes although we can also play longer (2 different sets).