Kabura is the aftermath of several local, regional, and national acts. The music is explosive with eccentric guitar riffs and harmonies, elaborate, yet emotional vocal harmonies with a very regimented, earth pounding rythem section. In short, A little something for everyone's musical pallet!


kabura is a collaberative combination of five musicians who came together after experiencing mix ups and break ups with their previous musical projects. In August 2006, drummer Jon Ward(formerly of bands Earth to Andy(Giant Records)&Egypt) and guitarist Ryan Nuttle(formerly of Chalkline Beauty) started writing a catalog of original songs.They then added bass player Kevin Wyatt & guitarist Ricky Johnson(both formerly of Fallen Under)and finally in September added vocalist Kevin Hagaman(formerly of Fail-Safe(Vision Metal Records)) to complete the line up and also complete a huge list of original songs. After numerous shows, traveling up and down the east coast, and honing their sound, Kabura finally went into the studio in January, 2007, to complete their first ep. The music, written and arranged by the entire band, is from a wide variety of influences such as Sevendust, Deftones, Alice in Chains etc. just to name a few. The genres and influences do compliment the original music that Kabura has written, but the individual differences of each musician in the band gives us our unique sound, and in turn sets us apart from most and enables us to provide something for everyones musical tastes. We are currently touring in support of our first EP and also continuously writing and adding to our original catalog everyday. We hope to be back in the studio in early to mid September to record our first full length record!


Our first E.P. , released in june, 07 has Five tracks. We have one acoustic track that gets radio play and all of our E.P. tracks can be heard on our website.

Set List

Our set list ususally consists of 8-10 tracks. Depending on the venue, where we are in the line up, and the set time we are alloted is to how we arrange the set. We do have a short list of cover songs if the setting calls for it, however, usually we do our own music. Our most recent set includes
Blink of an Eye
Cutting Through
Questions from the dead (new)
Reaching Capacity (new)
When hope dies (new)
Art of absolution
Not my time (new)
Until the end