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Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Hip Hop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"KABY x LOCO - Cono"

Put a cat in your video and it’ll go viral. That’s exactly what Kaby does in his new collaborative music video with Loco directed by James Patton. Why the cat? Because “coño” means “pussy” for those who weren’t paying attention that Spanish class in high school. Kaby’s determined to make this the wettest #WetWednesday yet. Now let’s wait and see how many views it obtains in the next few weeks. - Break on A Cloud

"KABY - Smoke & Mirror Tricks"


Kaby, who happens to one of the leaders at the forefront of the modern-day Nashville hip-hop movement, has returned to the scene with a new edition of his Halloween Massacre series, with the newest and fourth version titled “Smoke and Mirror Tricks,” executive produced by Nathan Zensen.

- Break on A Cloud

"Seasonal Flavors"

Nashville’s Kaby is an artist that one would find hard to depict what exactly he is going to do next in his music. Showcasing his versatility in every track he touches, Kaby has a unique sound that sets him in his own lane. Releasing his newest project, Seasonal Flavors, we found it highly necessary to check this one out from beginning. Right out of the gate, Vanishing Point (produced by CutThroatKid) captures the ear with a heavy beat aided by the raspy lyrics showcased by Kaby. As if receiving a project at no cost wasn’t enough, Kaby works with a few notable artists in production and features such as Forte Bowie, P.A. Lit, Bill Breeze, Classic Williams, and Ducko Mcfli for tracks that keep the attention of the listener the entire project.

A few tracks that are a “must listen” include Silly Fun ft. P.A. Lit, Sidewalk Superstar ft. Forte Bowie, Not Quite an Invite ft. Classic Williams, and Hot Air Balloon (heavy track!). Overall, you’re guaranteed to be able to play this tape from start to finish. Kaby never fails to surprise on his projects. - 2L's on A Cloud

"Kaby Kills Again"

Kaby (@The_Kaby) has come a long way from the days of MySpace where he was going by AK Spray. A prolific example of the Nashville MC's growth is his latest relsease Halloween Massacre 4: Smoke & Mirror Tricks. Clocking in at almost an hour, HM4 is an energetic 14-track journey that speaks to Kaby's highs, lows, and in-betweens. An honest effort that blends witty lyrics and diverse production, HM4 flirts with mainstream concepts, yet remains raw enough to shed light in a way that only Kaby could execute.

Throughout the album, Kaby aggressively delivers in every song he hops on. Unfortunately, this does not mean that every song on this album is worthy of a repeat listen. He starts HM4 with the banging braggadocio #QUITDAT and continues to spread the energy throughout the tape. He made sure that every feature count, especially with the song "Cough Syrup" featuring rising star Chancellor Warhol and Loco. Despite Loco's weaker performance, Kaby and Chance delivered two different, yet entertaining perspectives on the southern favorite. Halfway through the album, following a ruthless posse cut featuring fellow Nashville heavyweights Petty, OfFISHal, and Sofa Brown, you will notice a change in tone, which allows Kaby to break out of his hardcore shell and expose not only his vulnerabilities, but also his inner MC.

Kaby always speaks clearly from the heart, even when expressing himself through mundane topics with songs like "It's True", a mellow, yet unoriginal ode to Mary Jane, and "Get Along" a pleasantly raunchy sex song that would make a porn star blush. Kaby gives you more of his heart through songs like "Cigarette Holiday", a relaxed ballad for the cancer stick that provides an "extended reflection" as opposed to a smoke break, and "Peter Pan", a heartfelt ballad of every adult's true dream (Whether we want to admit it or not): To be a kid again. But what is a lyrically and musically versatile MC that does not take the time to spit some creative wordplay and lyrical styling? Kaby didn't leave out the Hip-Hop heads when he made this tape. "Slick Talk" is a prime example of golden era lyrics hidden in a swisher house-esque beat. Other favorites include "I'm Down" featuring Music City musician Ducko McFli and "Kill Me", a satirically sinister medley of humor and haunting. Kaby is clearly not gonna be a friendly ghost if you kill him.

Overall, HM4 is an honest, in-your-face album that catches Kaby in a candid yet comfortable position. A hefty balance of lyrics, beats, and energy, Kaby does not disappoint with his latest effort, especially if you'd like a nice break from the monotony that plagues most Hip-Hop fans. The music industry may be all smoke and mirrors, but this album no trick. The album is available for free download at kaby.bandcamp.com - The Examiner

""Cigarette Holiday""

New video from Nashville, TN emcee, KABY for his track, Cigarette Holiday! Track is off his latest project, Smoke & Mirrors Tricks and is produced by Ducko McFli. Video is directed by Joschka Schaffner. Bruh, I'm so excited to be able to post some KABY on the site! I've been checking him out for a while but I was too late to post anything as that "new new" yall need to be up on. But this track/video is the perfect way to say-yall need to be up on some KABY! He's a really dope rapper and what I love about him the most is this effortless swag (I hate using that word) he has. It just oozes out of him and into his music. Cigarette Holiday is the perfect example of that. Video really depicted the concept of the song well. KABY stated about the visual, "I wanted people to feel how I feel, for at least a moment." Man, get into this guy-he's fuckin' awesome! Press play and enjoy! ...Fuck yeah, finally got him on this damn site! - The Girl They Call Es

""Cigarette Holiday""

Proving further that Nashville is more than just rhinestones and honky tonks, Kaby has released the video for his newest track, "Cigarette Holiday." Premiered today over at Break On A Cloud, the clip was directed by Joschka Schaffner and features the rapper in the backyard with a 40 and, naturally, some Marlboros. Visually impressive with a laid-back cadence, "Cigarette Holiday" is slow-burn hip-hop song with a video that effectively complements the track's vibe and theme with its authentic-yet-stylized candor and well-orchestrated grit. - The Deli


Still working on that hot first release.



Kaby, born and raised in Nashville, TN, started writing at the age of 11. It was upon his 12th birthday that his first computer was handed down to him. He started recording that year, using the program Sound Recorder and the mic attached to his PC's monitor. Fast forward 11 years/10 projects later, he's merely getting warmed up. Labeled as one of Nashville's Hip-Hop Heavyweights (via Sean Maloney, Nashville Scene) Kaby has been creating quite the name for himself. The single most used word when describing his most recent release (Smoke & Mirror Tricks) is "honest". When discussing the current state of hip-hop, that is one word you don't tend to hear. That, coupled with animated live performances and rapid-fire delivery, Kaby will entice your interest with no intention of letting go. Love him or hate him, you can't ignore him.