Kachumbari Seven

Kachumbari Seven


We’re a group of musicians from Kenya, India and Europe. We play original compositions that merge our different backgrounds. We mix folk melodies, ragas, improvisation and strict dance rhythms. Between us we play 20 different instruments. It’s colourful. It’s traditional. It’s varied. It's modern.


Kachumbari Seven formed in 2006. After performing at the World Social Forum, they were invited to perform at the Goethe Institute. This attracted interest from the BBC World Service, and following an interview on the Network Africa programme in June 2008, Kachumbari Seven recorded their album ‘Mozart on Moi Avenue’.

Kachumbari Seven explore fresh and unique musical territories. Their sheer joy in playing music together comes across ever more strikingly in each successive performance – and that is what appeals to their growing audience – which, incidentally, transcends cultural background and other barriers in the same way that the band’s membership does.


K7CD001 Special Edition Preview CD; December 2008 (5 tracks). Released on own label.

K7CD002 Mozart on Moi Avenue; March 2009 (full album of 11 tracks, total playing time 53:09). Released on own label. Available on iTunes, Amazon, Cd Baby etc.

Set List

SONG LIST (April 2010)
1. Charka
2. Five Sheep
3. Haya Mana Kulola
4. Ahmedebad Acapulco
5. Mozart on Moi Avenue
6. Githurai to Galway
7. Zandale Dahl
8. Melody in Rag Yaman
9. Ramogi Samosa
10. Lost Lady Found
11. Cha@t
12. Ngoma Tano
13. Locust
14. Resham Firri
15. Kwela Tune
16. Ramogi Samosa
We currently have about 75 to 80 minutes of music available, and the list is growing. A typical performance could be:
A 10-minute slot of 3 shortened songs (eg for a TV show)
Two 40-minute sets of full-length songs (full concert including audience participation)
A 20-minute showcase set of 4 to 5 full-length songs.
An educational / audience participatory set.
Some members of the group can be made available for demonstrations and participatory workshops.