The national press has defined Kachupa like "“The most powerful folk band in Italy"”.
We sold about 18,000 records and made more than 400 concerts throughout in Italy and Europe.
Following us will find a link with some of our live performances and our biography.


The Kachupa is a typical dish of Capo Verde (Senegal - Africa) composed by vegetables, fruits, legumes, cereals and fish, simple ingredients but rich in vitamins and vitality at the same time! The energy of the band was born from this simple dish, symbol of simplicity and love for nature.
The Kachupa Folk Band has its origin in a street band, and has seen a lot of street all around Europe in the last years.
At the beginning there was a tiny handcart on top of which the drums’ player used to sit and perform and the rest of the band kept on going all around him. This magical bogie helped the band to sell about 5000 cd's all around Italy and France. This way the band decided to go into a recording studio and give birth to the first cd cd called “GABROVO EXPRESS”, which got so much success that, just in a few months, it got awarded as the Best Auto-produced cd of the year 2006 by the National Radio Network at the MEI convention of Faenza, Italy. In May 2006, “GABROVO EXPRESS” comes out along with “World Music Magazine”.
As the band’s energy grows more and more, the Kachupa starts playing on prestigious and famous festivals, not only in Italy ma in Europe too, alongside well known artists, such as.EUGENIO BENNATO, TULIO DE PISCOPO, MODENA CITY RAMBLERS, CASINO ROYALE , ALBANO, EUGENIO FINARDI, VINICIO CAPOSSELA, MAU MAU, getting to play on the Night of Taranta 2010 (the most important folk Italian Folk Festival) as winners of the “NIGHT FOR THE NIGHT” competition.
Even though the band has grown lots and lots over the years, it hasn’t stopped playing on the streets, so to remember where it had come from, that magical place where everything sometimes can be surreal. In 2011 comes out “TERZO BINARIO” (tr. “Third Railroad”), 12 original tracks, one of which featuring ROY PACI, as a summary of personal histories, travels, experiences and parties. It’s a cd full of energy, where lyrics are all about conscience, reason and sometimes the hidden side of ourselves: reason could not exist without madness. In October of the same year the band gets the “Sanremo Village 2011” award, in a competition associated to the most important and famous festival of Italian Music, Sanremo Festival.
Kachupa is ready to keep going, going to new places, cultures and people, ready to merge together all those elements and give birth to the “KACHUPA ENERGY”, an unique mixture of music and magic, hands that sweat all over the percussions, the cords, the instruments… 



Lidiya Koycheva: voice
Davide Borra: Accordeon, voice
Alberto Santoru: Electric bass, voice
Corrado Vergano: Percussions
Matia Floris: Guitars, voice
Federico Aschero: drums
Angelo Dalmasso: piano and keyboards


Gabrovo Express - 2006
El Chupitero - 2008
Terzo Binario - 2011