Acoustic Roots music with a strong reggae/folk influence.


I dig old roots reggae, rocksteady, dub revolution, the two Nicks: Cave and Drake, Mr. Sam Cooke, Otis, Marvin, Ms. Nina Simone, sounds from the east, anything that stirs me and invites me in. I am influenced by the Shadow and Light that abide in Us all.
These come together in the expression of One Love. I Sing to stir the Souls of the willing and bring some Harmony into a beautiful world struggling through war, greed and ignorance of the connection that We, as One, all share.


the Waking Field-2006/Home-2003/Bones in the Blue Mist-2001

Set List

My repertoire allows me to play three 45 minute sets or one longer set if required. Covers consist of Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, Ben Harper and some old Gospel and Soul music.