Kacy and Clayton

Kacy and Clayton


Kacy and Clayton are a pair of old souls. Their music is a melting pot of the roots of American/British folk music. With Kacy's angelic, lonesome voice and Clayton's dancing, finger-style guitar this group is one that will keep the traditions alive.


Kacy & Clayton carry on a deep tradition with their music. Their sound is greatly influenced by the raw, simplicities of roots music. After going through a hard-cover Alan Lomax encyclopedia, and a stack of records, Kacy & Clayton recorded their self-titled debut in just two days, in March of 2011. The album was released on the newly formed, Dahl Street Records on June 1st 2011. The honest, and unrefined sound of the release is somewhat reflective of the Wood Mountain Hills of Southern Saskatchewan, from which they hail. Other artists you may compare to Kacy & Clayton are The Deep Dark Woods, Shirley Collins and Davy Graham, and Mississippi John Hurt.


Kacy And Clayton(LP)-2011

Set List

Ain't No Tellin'
Careless Love
Let It Shine On Me
Motherless Children
Easy Rider
Pretty Saro
Nottamun Town
Matty Groves
(their set is made up of several original, and re-written traditional songs)