Imagine a musical rubix cube, now give it a guitar and a voice, throw in a pinch of sass and a voice that won't quite and you've got Kadam.. :-)


Kadam is no stranger to the stage, this artist has spent most of their career opening for LEGENDARY acts like Emmy Lou Harris, Shelby Lynne, Rosanne Cash, as well as splitting the bill with artist such as Nickel Creek , Acoustic Syndicate and Pam Tillis just to name a few.

Kadam has made a art form out of pushing the musical envelope and refusing to be constrained by boundaries. Constantly providing fans with a mix of Pop-Soul, Folk-Rock and Country, are the musical ingredients of choice, when it comes to Kadam’s musical creations.

An whether it’s cracking the charts in CMJ, appearing on movie soundtracks or garnering rave reviews from Songwriter magazines through the nation, Kadam has certainly made a niche out of just being Kadam….

Look for a new album coming Spring 2010!


Fotune Teller - 2008
My Own Little World - 2006
Kadam - 2004
A Long Time Coming - 2000

Set List

Depends on the venue.. please inquire for more info.