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Our current demo CD features three tracks, Day by Day, Inner Creature, and Wallflower. This CD is given out freely at all of our shows, and these three tracks are also available for streaming online at our official website and myspace.



KADEN evolved out of an auspicious first meeting between old bandmates Frank Puca and Lucas Macneil, former punk guitarist Tony Masters, and new-kid-in-town drummer Joe Zaffarano. An extended jam session yielded the birth of a new sound that refused to be put into a box. Drawing from a grab-bag of hard rock and metal influences, KADEN is a unique sonic experience happening somewhere alongside Alice in Chains, Pantera, and Tool.

Guitarist Masters provides KADEN�s sound with its solid, heavily distorted core, but doesn�t stay in one place for long, artfully shifting gears between more melodic hooks and these rhythmic, angst-driven riffs.

Macneil is never satisfied with backseat bass lines, driving many of the band�s songs, working in odd time signatures, and infusing the music with a layer of brooding complexity.

Rarely seen but always heard, powerhouse drummer Zaffarano completes KADEN�s sound with hard-hitting, raw metal beats from the rear of the stage.

Vocalist Frank Puca presents as part Layne Staley, part Phil Anselmo, part Brandon Boyd, lending a versatile voice and a well-tempered melodic surface to KADEN�s hard rock foundation. Unlike many of his more raucous peers, when Puca screams, it�s just "how he feels" - and the band�s lyrics are no exception to this effortless authenticity.

KADEN couldn�t legitimately call itself a hard rock band without writing a few songs about sex, drugs, and rock �n roll, but the foursome consistently deliver lyrics on a higher plane - and with more moxie - than these topics traditionally incite. The songs take aim at society and personal vice in a big way while remaining smartly self-aware. Fusing the powers of raw angst and formidable eloquence, Puca takes on the social machine, deconstructs notions of public image and accountability, and rallies others to fight for change. KADEN may be screaming out for something better, but they�ve definitely got their feet on the ground.

Over the past year, KADEN has gained momentum in the local Boston circuit, making appearances at venues such as The Middle East, The Lucky Dog, and The Paradise Lounge. The foursome has played with national touring act The Dreaming, led by former Stabbing Westward frontman Christopher Hall, and Final Hour, currently on tour in New England.

Last summer the band recorded their first demo and plans to return to the studio this spring to produce their first EP.

KADEN can be caught in the act at bars and clubs across the Boston area, including Somerville, Allston, Brighton, and Lynn.