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Columbus, Ohio, United States

Columbus, Ohio, United States
Hip Hop R&B




"Introducing Kadiz"

Check out KlearJOfficial's new interview with Kadiz, Columbus, Ohio's own!! Download his new song "Levels" from http://www.klearjofficial.blogspot.com TODAY!! Purchase Kadiz's album "Suitcase of Memories" from http://www.therealrainwater.com. If you would like to be featured on Mic Hustlin' Blogspot, email KlearJOfficial @ ilovemusicblogger@gmail.com for more details - klearjofficial.blogspot

"the working mans rapper"

Introducing Kadiz aka “The Heart of the City.” Kadiz catches up with SwurvRadio’s Marta Harris and talks about how the drive to be heard inspired him to be a rap artist. He is currently working on his 2nd upcoming album Middle of Nowhere which he says will be “more intense and aggressive” than his last. He is a huge fan of underground hip hop but admits his guilty pleasure is Rick Ross. When he isn’t rapping in the studio you can find Kadiz fishing.

Check Out the Interview

- swurvradio.com


Still working on that hot first release.



Introducing Kadiz "The heart of the city"

Born and Raised in Columbus OH - Claiming the attribute from the city of his late grandmother, displaying a passion for music. Kadiz can explore just about any genre of music. Heartfelt lyrics put together over a variety of sound production. A chemistry that makes him a force to be reckoned with.

What makes Kadiz stand alone owning his on space in time, would be his raw passion for music, he is truly a fan first, and that makes all the difference when he sits down to create. He gives you a piece of himself in every song, it's sometimes hard not to find yourself lost in the world he creates with his words. Kadiz is a writers "writer" and he embraces some things seemingly lost in todays music, and thats genuine love and respect for the art.

Original - Kadiz can not be classified. The sound, the music will be felt on any coast, for those with an appreciation for good music. The catch phrase must be used "A breath of fresh air"
and the world can attach whatever others as they may...