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If there is one word to describe Kadrae's music, it will be superfunkyjazzyrockinghiphopsoul. But, since there's no category of that particular name, would r&B/rock/jazz/hip-hop/alternative fit the bill? Maybe.

Since he began playing and writing songs at the age of 7, Kadrae has allowed a variety of musical influences (Prince, Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, Jimi Hendrix, Ray Charles, The Neptunes/N.E.R.D., Kirk Franklin, Kanye West, Timbaland, etc.) and genres to enhance his sound and style. He's also allowed these influences to inspire him to play all the instruments on many of his recordings and sing every vocal. Kadrae also embody the best of the past, present, and future of music by incorporating various musical elements and genres of the 70's, 80's, 90's, and the new millenium. There is only one element that does not appear in his music: sampling. His music is sample-free and interpolation-free which could very well be considered as a revolutionary move by today's hit-making standards.

Kadrae is currently mastering his debut release entitled "ECLECTICISM: THE JOURNEY, PART ONE". The album features the hit single "Put Your Hands Up (Letitgoletitflow)" as well as the head-bobbing "45 Days". Kadrae is also performing at various venues and events leaving audiences mesmerized by his on-stage energy.

Recently, Kadrae received two TORONTO EXCLUSIVE ONLINE MUSIC AWARDS for Best International R&B Soul Song ("Put Your Hands Up (Letitgoletitflow))" and Best International Soul R&B Up and Coming Producer.



release date: Winter 2008

"Put Your Hands Up (Letitgoletitflow)" EP is now available at iTunes, CDBaby.com, Amazon.com, FLandMusicGroup.com, BuyMusic.com, Reverbnation.com, and TradeBits.com. This EP includes the title track plus "Shorty" and "She Don't Know Heaven". GET IT NOW!!!!!! This is the jam of many years.

"PUT YOUR HANDS UP (LETITGOLETITFLOW)" now available for download/purchase for just $0.99 at www.flandmusicgroup.com, www.myspace.com/kadrae, www.snocap.com, and www.lojazz.com ($1)

"SHE DON'T KNOW HEAVEN" is also available for download/purchase at www.flandmusicgroup.com, www.myspace.com/kadrae, and www.snocap.com for just $0.99

4 more info, log on2 www.flandmusicgroup.com and/or www.myspace.com/kadrae. Don't forget to become a part of KADRAE's email list on both sites.


Put Your Hands Up (Letitgoletitflow)

Written By: Kadrae


(chorus 2x’s)
Put Your Hands Up
Work it like U know, love
Twork it like U know, love
Don’t stop, let it go, let it flow

In the club, yeah
U look like U just stepped out Cosmo magazine, baby girl
(U’re so clean)
Got me wanna drop down 2 my knees and ask if U would take a chance
Maybe I can B your man
(Work me over on the dance floor, baby)
Rock that dress, girl
Just imagine U and me dancing, oh, so tight
(U’re so kind)
Party like we’re gonna loose our minds
Just relax and let it go
Work that body like U know
(Let the music rock your soul now)

(chorus 2x’s)

In the dark, yeah
Music’s got U swaying, workin’ everything your mama gave
(Ooh! Girl, behave)
Make an old man wish 4 younger days
Never mind what others say
They all wish they’re with Kadrae
(But, his eyes R focused on U, baby)
Strut your stuff, girl
There’s no other in the world who could run a fine race with U
(Beauty queen)
‘Can’t believe it’s U who’s in my dreams
Like I said, just let it go
Let the music rock your soul
(Loose yourself as the chorus goes)

(chorus 2x’s)

And now, I’d like 2 introduce a new friend of mine
Let ‘em hear U, baby

(guitar solo)
(chorus 4x’s)
(repeat until end)
(Everybody say) work!
(Everybody say) work!

Copyright 2005 F Land Music (BMI)

Don't Touch

Written By: Kadrae

I am the 1 who do some things 2 mess with your head
I am the 1 who'll rock a system - making it scared
Don't sleep 'cause something's risin' - below the surface of what U know
They say I'm weird, but, they've got it wrong
I'm just a mad man on a roll - so, U better know

(chorus 2xs)
Don't Touch, don't touch me
(please, don't touch me. 'cause I'm a mad man)

I am the 1 who'll risk it all 2 make a change
As sure as GOD exists, I'll stir it up 2 rock your brain
Life is 2 short 4 lame routine
Like a loop playing the same thing
They say I'm odd, but, I can't complain
I'm just a super-funky-jazzy-rockin' mad man

(repeat chorus 2xs

Yes, I really play guitar
This beat boom in my car

(repeat chorus with ad libs)

Ladies and gentlemen, the radio is off
What U're about 2 witness is a change of the system
A change of the mind and of the soul
Real music - a mix of the new and the old
All R welcome 2 listen, all R welcome 2 share
Unified - all ages, all races, all genders with an eclectic mix
From the dance floor 2 the church and 2 the stoop
Eclecticism, something's in the mix
Now, let's go

She Don't Know Heaven

Written By: Kadrae

I don't understand how this thing happened
I wasn't tryin' 2 fall in love so deep, yeah
& everything I do, I say I do 4 her
But, it never seem 2 draw any emotion

This wall that surrounds her always seem 2 blend the truth with many lies

She's given her heart so many times only findin' heartache with the soul ties

That's Y

I can't take it, I can't take it
No! I can't take the fact that she don't know heaven
I can't take it, I can't take it
No! I can't take the fact that she don't know heaven

But, I love her just the same
All the heartached and the pain
My friends tell me 2 find another dame
But, I just can't let her, I can't let her get away

I don't understand Y there R givers & takers
'Tis a mystery at times
What can I do 2 mend her broken heart?
Only GOD knows how many times I've tried

Chocolate candy, red roses
A stroll in the park just 2 pass the time
Maybe time will all wounds
But, I'll try, I'll try 2 hold on just 4 a little while

(repeat chorus)

Everytime I think of her, my heart wants give her joy
I want 2 B more than her boy
I want 2 B her confidant in everyway
Help the Lord above 2 wash away, all her tears away

Life will never B the same
Everyday will B a brighter day
Just 2 C her smiling gaze
But, I'll try hold on 2 C those better days

'Cause I can't take it

(repeat chorus 3xs with ad-libs)


as the artist:

as songwriter/producer/musician:
"PUT YOUR HANDS UP (LETITGOLETITFLOW)" and entire "Eclecticism" album

"MENTALLY, GENTALLY" by N'courage f/Ray Lov and Shelia Moore from "MENTALLY, GENTALLY/HELP ME, LORD EP" by N'courage

"HELP ME, LORD" by N'courage f/LJ (aka LRJ) and Ray Lov from "MENTALLY, GENTALLY/HELP ME, LORD EP" by N'courage

"THE PASSING OF TIME" by N'courage f/C. Spears from "MENTALLY, GENTALLY/HELP ME, LORD EP" by N'courage

"NOW THAT YOU KNOW", "WE'RE NOT MAKING LOVE UNTIL....", and "CALL HIM" from "Serious About You" by Shelia Moore. "SERIOUS ABOUT YOU" (musician only)

"T-E-X-A-S" by LJ (aka LRJ)

"1-2-3-4", "WHAT IT DO?", "BLAST OFF", "HARD N DA PAINT", and "BAD KAT" from "Not of This World" by LRJ

"WHAT IS LOVE", "WE'RE NOT THAT DIFFERENT" (songwriter and musician only) from "The Peripheral Moment" by Collective Hallucination

"2NITE" (musician only) from "Painting Piktures" by K'monte

"FAST LANE" from "The Reign" by Tony Rane

Set List

Typical set list includes:

2. 45 DAYS
4. SOULMATE (guitar and vocal only)
5. I'VE NEVER FELT LOVE LIKE THIS (keys/piano and vocal only)
7. DON'T TOUCH ME (currently, guitar and vocal only)
8. SHE DON'T KNOW HEAVEN (accoustic w/piano,
vocal, and percussion)
10. SHORTY (sometimes accoustic)

Typical cover tunes:
1. JUST MY IMAGINATION by the Temptations (guitar and vocal only)
2. STARFISH & COFFEE by Prince (keys/piano and vocal only)
3. IF ONLY YOU KNEW by Patti LaBelle
4. I WANNA BE YOUR LOVER by Prince (Keys/piano)
5. UNBREAKABLE by Alicia Keys (Keys/piano)