Indie rock trio from Detroit


Kadro’s sound is comparable to that of the alternative rock bands of the early nineties. Kadro has the grungy guitars, raspy voice and frenzied drums. But Kadro is not a band of imitators, for each member has enough personality on their instrument to give the band a sound of its own. Kadro formed in March of 2007 when singer/ songwriter Zach Kadro (Gryphon Shepherd, Animal Chinz), began a new group with jazz drummer Zach Pliska. Pliska’s friend, Brian Barber came in on bass and the trio was born.
The debut album, ‘Life of Luxury’, is the end product for six months worth of writing, rehearsing and performing. It was released on September 21, 2007 at a benefit show Kadro organized for the Children’s Leukemia Foundation of Michigan, in which the group raised more than $200. Kadro hit the road in October and November, 2007 playing in Pittsburgh, Boston, NYC, Chicago, Des Monies and Minneapolis, among others. The experience of writing music and touring has been so advantageous that Kadro is working on a new album and planning more shows for 2008.


debut full-length CD, 'Life of Luxury.' Released Sept. 21st, 2007.

Set List

45-60 min. set
Day to Break
Heal in Time
Life of Luxury
Vintage Thrift
Crawl Across the Sky
Heart is Beating
Loved by Millioins
Living in Fear
Turn it Around
Just a Man
My Have Your Grown
Drain You (Nirvana)