Kaftan Smeha

Kaftan Smeha


Kaftan Smeha’s music is a fusion of different musical styles (art rock, ethnical music, industrial, funk, jazz). We decided not to limit ourselves in means of expression as regards images and thoughts. That is why we used visual art, animation and choreography at the decoration stage.


Kaftan Smeha was founded in 2003. Most of the concerts take place in clubs, concert halls and theaters of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. Kaftan Smeha participated in such international music festivals as SKIF (Saint-Petersburg, 2006, http://www.kuryokhin.ru/skif), InProg (Moscow, 2006, http://www.inrock.ru), Baltic Prog Fest (Kernave, Lithuania, 2007, http://balticprogfest.com). Concert reports and interviews with the musicians were made by Russian TV-channels and radio stations.
The band’s singer, author of the lyrics and script-writer Anatoly Riassov is a winner of Debut literary prize, author of two novels. The band have released two live DVDs. At present the work on the first CD album “Exfoliation” is going on.
«I got interested in the theater theories by Antonin Artaud and Samuel Beckett. The influence of these theories led Kaftan Smeha towards investigation of archetypical symbols and the area of the unconscious. We wanted to present it all as a rock opera of absurd where different musical styles were fused. However, we wanted to implement this idea in Russian, the language of Dostoyevsky and Platonov. Rock opera «Exfoliation» has been performed live since 2005, and now we are involved in the process of recording». From Anatoly Riassov’s interview to «Rolling Stone» magazine.

English version of our official website: http://www.kaftansmeha.ru.

Page on Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/kaftansmehanew


CD Layer One. Moscow, 2003
DVD Insanity. Moscow, 2005
DVD Atoms. Moscow, 2007

Set List

Full Rock-Opera "Exfoliation" is about 2.5 hours.
Our Festival program consists of 10-15 fragments and lasts about one hour.