Kage Sparks

Kage Sparks

 Brussels, Brussels Capital Region, BEL
BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

Explosive stage show, Energetic performance, Uplifting entertainment, a professional well choreographed hip-hop show.


KAGE SPARKS defines the urban nomad, he is an eclectic fusion of cultures melded together by a young mans passion for music. Born in the Capital of Europe, descendant of Kenyan heritage, resident of the UK for many years and with his debut album The World is My Block having been written and recorded in the US, KAGE SPARKS is the true reflection of an international artist.
The World is My Block is the motto and creed by which he has lived his whole life. As a worldwide traveler he has embraced cultures and people all over the globe.
His music symbolizes a celebration of life and overcoming the obstacles we all face on our paths to success. My inspiration comes from every corner of the world I have ever been to and what I learnt during my time there.
His debut album offers an insightful journey into the mind of a young artist who channels all the experiences of his travels and combines them with his animated personality, razor edge wittiness, intricate wordplay and cinematic concepts to create a memorable sonic odyssey for the listener.


Dark Science EP 2003

Released Singles:
U GOT (No 4 in East African Charts 2002)
In The Heart (winner of BBC Radio 1xtra Homegrown award 2003)

World Star JUNE 2009
Room Service JUNE 2009
Album:The World Is My Block JUNE 2009 OUT AND AVAILABLE ON ITUNES, AMAZON, and a multitude of other digital distributors.

Album: Life or Death 2009

Set List

Set List anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour
1.Stand Out.
2.Sex Drive.
3.World Star.
4.Take Off.
5.Room Service.