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perfect world
life of a champ
intro basic b-tch



You may think that Kahn kwest is just another hip hop group that's
trying to make it into the music industry. Unlike most rappers, Kahn
kwest has always kept their focus in the content of their music. Many
rappers today have dedicated their time and focus only on there image
and have lost the true essence of hip hop, which is content. Rappers
back In the day were able to paint a vivid picture through words and
be able story tell through their songs. Content of music today seem to
be repetitive and seem to only focus on money, cash, drugs, and women.
This dynamic duo has managed to find a median in their music,
providing The mainstream media with great quality music that is
relatable with catchy hooks and verses with deep meaning and content.

Kahn kwest consists of two artists, Lionel Morada a.k.a. Concepts and
Justin Villamayor a.k.a. Injust. Through years of practice and
dedication these two have managed to build a phenominal connection.
Both with unique individual styles, unbelievable delivery, a passion
to resurect hip hop from it's grave, these two individuals share the
common intrests to leave an imprint in hip hop and be able to impact
the lives of all listeners. Kahn kwest is here!