Kai Alece

Kai Alece


Kai Alece's rich vocal gift, a voice that sails across music genres, continues to evolve with newfound levels of soul and strength, creating a smooth jazz/R&B sound that's like no other.


G-Rod Records rising star, Kai Alece, one of the newest vocalists in the dimensions of pop, soul, and jazz, has hit center stage with a voice that will sail across music genres. Her debut album, Reason, Season or Lifetime, is nothing short of a perfect combination of soul, R&B, and jazz. The Jacksonville native started singing at the age of six. “Music has always been a part of my life. Both my parents are musicians. My mom plays piano and dad plays guitar. We lived on the second floor of the club they owned. Live music was featured nightly. So, I even heard music in my dreams. As I got older, I listened closely to a lot of different artists and tried to imitate them. That was the beginning of what I now know to be my destiny.”

The album is centered around encouraging you to find yourself and it uses a smooth jazzy groove and moving lyrics to accomplish this. Her remake of Marvin Gaye’s, “I Want You,” will undoubtedly play a major role in the success of this album.

It’s never to late to change the course of one’s life. Therefore, never say never. Kai is a true example of dreams that will come true. “I didn’t really consider music as a profession until college. Although, I had an opportunity to leave college for a music career, I went on to finish the Pharmacy program at Florida A&M University and I am now a practicing registered pharmacist. Because my first chosen path demanded so much of my time, this project has been a long time coming. We all know nothing happens overnight. So, if it looks like I finished this project in a short time, take another look. This has been years in the making. I felt I had to complete this project to prove to myself that I could do it, and I did.”

“All of the songs on this album are originals, which I wrote or co-wrote, except for, of course, the Marvin Gaye track. These songs were a definite reflection of where my life was and is, even at this particular moment. I learned that life is a series of lessons and we create our experiences, moment by moment. My biggest challenge was understanding the concept of life and my sole purpose. I found that things and people exist in my life for a reason, season, or lifetime and my job is to identify their purpose and move forward.



Written By: R. Bivins, J. S. Beal III

I’ve watched you go your way
In a direction that most would say, is unknown and unexplained
They don’t know why your flow stays the same

Your current comes and goes (Like no other river flows)
From your movement I have grown
Passion in me starts to burn for your cleansing my heart yearns
No other place feels quite like home

Your voice surrounds me instantly
It whispers words that I can’t see
Deep in my soul
Soars on air, takes me where I wanna go


Rivers deep and chasm seas
I found serenity, the key was in me
Reflections are images I never could see
Mirrors told the stories of a person I don’t want to be


Slow Down

Written By: K. Alece, J. S. Beal III, R. Bivins

You rush through life just trying to get somewhere
When you get there you realize it’s really not there
You fight to make a quick dollar anyway you can
And the dollar that you make, it leads to your end

You miss the chance to prosper when you hurry through life
You wonder why in the world you just can’t get it right
Young kids grow up too fast, grown at the age of 12
They’re having babies, can’t even take care of themselves

Give it everything you’ve got and just a little more
Don’t be in a hurry boy, whatcha speedin’ for?
Good things come to those who wait,
But not those who wait too late
Bide your time, ride your time
But slow down, you’re moving too fast

Relationships come to an end, but listen child
Go out and have some fun with your friends for a while
Don’t rush into commitment, spend time all by yourself
Get to know you, learn to love you, cause it’s all about you

You take a journey to places and along the way
You get the notion that you can be happy today
You feel that what you’ve been missin’ is really inside
You’ve finally found enough love in you to slow down


You take a journey to places and along the way
You get the notion that you can be happy today
You feel that what you’ve been missin’ is really inside
You finally found enough love in you to slow down



Reason, Season or Lifetime - released 12/4/2003

Set List


I Want You
Reason, Season or Lifetime
Slow Down
Blue Skies
Didn't Know
Tell Me
Your Love
Too Soon, Too Fast


Stronger Than Pride
New York State of Mind
At Last
All I Do
Don't Know Why
Better Than Anything
Route 66
Get Here

2 sets of 45 minutes each or 1 set of 60 minutes is typically performed.