Kaia is a Singer/Songwriter/madgirl from northern Norway who makes LOADS of music all the time. From the age of zero, her life has been about one thing and one thing only. Music. Her first album is finished and on the way!


Dear Friends

It is so strange how many people are very into being serious. It is of course important to be serious about some things, but I would find it hard to be serious all the time. I am too happy for that. I laugh too often.
I believe that life is like a quilt made from very contrasting and opposite materials. It is intensely warm and exceptionally strong, but the corners are very different from each other. Some people have darker quilts than others, but I have never seen anyone with a truly black one.
I always enhanced the contrasts and the opposites of my days. It makes them seem a little bit sharper. Sometimes they overlap, and I can be happy and sad at the same time. I can be angry but calm, sometimes warm and cold all at once. I have been very happy for people, and still a little bit jealous too.
This is how I would describe my music. I find it so interesting how, when overlapping opposites collide, it creates those beautiful layers of complexities. It is everything at once, but not in a messy way. It is small, everyday thoughts and feelings, made huge and overwhelming by those big brains of ours.

Love - Kaia


Debutalbum "La La La" out now in Norway, coming your way soon!

Set List

01. Daniel
02. la la la
03. Mathilda
04. Time is slow
05. I was a waltz, now I´m a mazurka
06. Peanuts & Jellybeans
07. Facts for fools
08. Spring
09. Simple Silly Lovely
10. Ada
11. We are leaving