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Richmond, Virginia, United States | SELF

Richmond, Virginia, United States | SELF
Solo Pop Singer/Songwriter




"Talent Show Lends A Hand"

MUSICAL MISSION: Sophomore singer-songwriter, Kailey Billings, auditioned for Applause For A Cause, a charity fundraising talent show which takes place on March 22nd. The winner of last year's event, her chosen charity for the talent show is Camp Kesem. Camp Kesem is a college student-run summer camp for children with a parent who has (or has had) cancer.

-A.Broadwell - The Miami Hurricane

"Orlando's Next Big Thing: Singer/Songwriter Showcase"

Congratulations to Kailey Billings (http://www.myspace.com/kaileybillings ) for winning last nights Orlando's Next Big Thing Showcase at The Haven. She wowed the crowd and was up against some stiff competition. It was great to hear the diversity of our local music scene. Kailey will advance to the finals which will be held on July 25th at The Haven, in the shopping center on Aloma and Forsyth in Winter Park, FL. - Andy Geimer (Blogspot.com)

"Laying Down Your Track"

WINTER HAVEN - Kailey Billings, a singer/songwriter from Orlando, has a Jewel vibe going on but is honing a style that's all her own - chasing a dream that started when she was 18-months-old and belting out Frosty the Snowman with a toy microphone.

"My sister would try to take her turn, and I'd actually push her away and I'd start singing by myself," she said.

Only now, the microphones recording her cost more than many cars. She's recording her original songs at Full Sail, a multi-million dollar recording arts school in Winter Park. There's no cost to her.

Full Sail runs a full schedule teaching its students how to record and mix. Engineers with walls covered with Grammys are lending years of professional experience.

That means they're constantly looking for artists - professional and amateur - to come in and record.

"It's an ongoing thing - almost daily basis - every style of music from every place you can imagine," explained teacher Bill Smith.

It's a great opportunity for struggling artists, because paying for time in a professional studio typically runs around $3,000 a day.

Full Sail welcomes solo artists like Kailey as well as full bands, and that was an opportunity Tampa's rock band Glitter Guns says is too good to pass up.

New consumer technology allows them to record at home, but Full Sail has gear, like its million dollar SSL console that no home studio can compete with.

"It's like sitting in a space ship with Captain Kirk. I mean there's just a mass amount of controls," said guitarist 'Chains.'

That's control that in the right hands can make a life-changing difference.

To read article and watch video:
/Detail;jsessionid= F9C4EE1F70CD02E6551336D2CB00A171?contentId=2310895&version= 2&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=TSTY&pageId=1.1.1 - Fox News Tampa Bay

"Self-taught singer follows her dream"

Posted April 11, 2010 at 8:49 pm
By Antonella Stelluto //

UM sophomore Kailey Billings proves that it’s not necessary to be a tennis pro to hit the Sony Ericsson Open. Billings’ talent, which does not exactly include a racquet and tennis ball, has put her on the stage for two consecutive years.

“Last year… my sorority sister… had an internship with the Sony Ericsson Open. I didn’t even know she knew I was a musician, but she gave my information to the booking and entertainment people,” she said. “I randomly got a message from them asking me to perform, and it was an awesome surprise and honor.”

Born and raised in Orlando, Billings is a UM student majoring in biology and is on the pre-med track. She defines music not as her hobby, but as her one and only passion.

“I decided not to study music because I wanted to have a backup plan in case my music career never happens,” Billings said. “I wanted a degree that I could use to make a living if it didn't work out. And music is something you can have for your whole life even if you don't make a career out of it.”

Billings’ talent, voice and style, which are pop with some soul, folk and rock influences, are little by little opening the doors of success within the music field.

“I have heard Kailey perform at two different programs this year and she never ceases to amaze me,” junior Melanie Di Pietro said.

But Billings’ talent goes beyond singing. Her musical skills range from songwriting to playing the guitar and piano, instruments she has played for the past six years.

“She is a great songwriter and musician with an awesome control of the stage- a very natural performer,” junior Natasha Broad said.

Role models such as Jason Mraz and Jewel, as well as some other alternative musicians, have deeply influenced Billings as a singer, but it was listening to No Doubt’s album “Tragic Kingdom” at age 9 that truly inspired her to pursue a music career.

“The music and Gwen Stefani’s presence totally blew my mind,” Billings said. “I had been singing for a while already but around that time, I decided that I wanted to be the front woman of a band one day.”

This self-taught artist has found a way to incorporate music into her education, fitting in at least one music elective course into her schedule each semester.

“The only ‘training’ I am in now is a vocal techniques for non-majors class that I’m taking just for fun,” Billings said. “It’s great that I can fit that in along with major requirements like organic chemistry.”

Among her future plans, Billings has made the firm decision to go after her music career. Once she graduates from college, Billings plans to spend a year in Los Angeles or Nashville and really go for it. Her ultimate goal is to be signed in five years, release an album and tour the United States and Europe.

If you want to follow Kailey Billings go to:www.myspace.com/kaileybillings

Some of her most popular songs are “Dangerous Things,” “I’d Rather Be With You,” “Not What I Need” and “Forget That I Love You.”

Antonella Stelluto may be contacted at astelluto@themiamihurricane.com. - The Miami Hurricane

"Florida Music Festival : Featured Artist"

Exclusive Interview by Amy Foist
May 2008 Issue
to see interview: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v463/KellBell5691/21_large.jpg - Axis Magazine

"Florida Music Festival : Featured Artist"

Exclusive Interview by Amy Foist
May 2008 Issue
to see interview: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v463/KellBell5691/21_large.jpg - Axis Magazine

""A talented new songwriter with a very charming voice..""

2/7/2008 - ThePalestra.com

"Singing Her Heart Out!"

Rock For A Purpose: Kailey Billings sings to support the ALS Association to fight Lou Gehrig's disease Thursday evening at Applause for a Cause. She won the contest, and $150 was donated to the charity in her name.

-M. Terilli - The Miami Hurricane

"Singing Her Heart Out!"

Rock For A Purpose: Kailey Billings sings to support the ALS Association to fight Lou Gehrig's disease Thursday evening at Applause for a Cause. She won the contest, and $150 was donated to the charity in her name.

-M. Terilli - The Miami Hurricane


Cry. Hurt. Laugh. Sing. EP (2013)
Self Titled EP (2011).
Available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, and CDBaby
"Breaking the Surface: Volume 2", Track 7, "Melody" (2012)
Released by Cat5 Music Publishing and Cane Records



NOTE: Though located in Virginia, Kailey travels to both Nashville, TN, and her homestate of Florida frequently.

With the release of her three-song EP in August 2011, much of the music world got its first glimpse of one of pop musics most exciting young singer/songwriters, 23-year-old Kailey Billings. Kailey's first single was "Melody," an irresistibly catchy pop/rock tune with dynamic drums and passionate vocals. The song is about the desire to stand out, whether that be in music, a relationship, etc. This song is also a great introduction to Kailey, whose clear and innocent yet soulful mezzo-soprano and dynamic stage presence have made her stand out in a crowd and on stage since she was a tiny child.
In May 2013, after a year in Nashville pursuing her dream, Kailey released her second EP "Cry. Hurt. Laugh. Sing." and two music videos: one for "Melody" and one for "Not What I Need." This new EP is a very diverse collection of pop-based songs inspired by jazz, rock, blues, and folk.
Kailey has been singing since she could talk. I assure you, there are home videos of her in 1992 singing Christmas carols into a brand new plug-in microphone she got for Christmas (there is also footage of her pushing her younger sister, Kelsey, out of the way whenever she tried to join in). Kailey wrote her first song at age 3, performed in her first musical at age 4, and made up a song at age 5 called "the Bread Song". She would perform this song to get free food at Outback Steakhouse. Performing publicly since 1994, Kailey has graced the stages of Sea World, Disney World, Epcot and many more.

Kailey spent part of Summer 2010 studying voice and stage performance at Berklee College of Music under the instruction of Livingston Taylor and a few other talented and successful artists/professors.

Significant Performances:
4-time headlining entertainment at the Sony Ericsson Open
3-time showcasing artist at the Florida Music Festival
2-time National Anthem singer for the Atlanta Braves
The youngest songwriter showcasing at the inaugural 30A Songwriters Festival (2010)
National Anthem singer for Disney's Wide World of Sports, The Miami Hurricanes, The Detroit Tigers, and The Make-A-Wish Foundation
Featured performer on CBS12 morning show "Wake Up, South Florida!"
Featured performer on Orlando Top 40 radio station XL106.7

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