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kain perry

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The Best unsigned hip-hop, lyrics, flow, mic prescence, Freestyle, song making, charisma, and work ethic, Kain Perry has it all.


Kain Perry was born Kijuan Tucker in Elizabeth, New Jersey on January 18, 1984.The name Kain Perry was chosen from notorious DC hitman "Wayne Perry". Not because Kain proclaims to be a murderous killer who terrorizes the streets. He instead, murders and terrorizes every single track that he gets on.

Raised in one of the most heavily drug infested cities in the state. Kain, fumbled wit the street life for a few years, from selling crack cocaine to heroin and everything in between. Kain, soon after his second CDS charge (Controlled Dangerous Substance) began to realize that this, was'nt going to work. That's when he began to get serious with the pen.

Seeing rap as a way out, in 2005 Kain got wit a few unknown friends who would later form their own indie label "Take Back Muzik". Now Kain, Mahl G, Ceo Chad Ehrlich (Judaht), and president Mohamed Elhamshary (Moe Skee) are set on a path to purify music once again.


Kain Perry-Debut Album-The Begining of the End
Mixtapes-Tha Kitchen vol. 1
Are You Afraid of the Dark vol. 2

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