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Kairos - 2001 (self-produced)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Drew Rodaniche Bio:

For some people, talent is that which comes easily to them. Their special ability comes naturally and is learned with much less effort than what is required n other people. In my case, I think that playing the rums has always come naturally to me. But what has really driven my playing is love.

I believe that talent becomes a gift only when it is driven by love. A person may possess a special talent for doing this or that, but without a God-given love to drive the talent, the likelihood of it ever amounting to anything is lower. I believe that a gift is not the talent itself, but rather it is the love that drives the talent. Love always comes before

Throughout the past few years, I've struggled with my call for music. The first thing I bought when I moved to Pennsylvania from Panama was a drum kit although I didn't have any intention of ever playing professionally. I was convinced that going to school and becoming a teacher was what would be pleasing to God.

At one point I tried to give up playing drums altogether. I prayed that God would remove the intensity that I felt for my instrument and help me focus more on school. God answered this prayer with a greater blessing than I could have expected. Less than a week later, I began to find a joy in my instrument like I never felt before. The love that I had been given for the drums was no accident. To me this was a sign that God wanted to use my drums somehow for his own purpose, whether in big way or a small way. I knew then that these drums weren't about me, but for his glory.

Shortly after, I met Josh and Jason and formed Kairos in the loft of my parents house.

Jason Sturm Bio:

It has been said that music is endless and i believe that music could never have a beginning or ending. It was birthed alongside God himself and there it will remain. By God's grace i have been inserted into its infinite timeline. I have heard countless stories about why people chose guitar or music as a career, but as i get older, i have discovered that music chooses You. It seeks you out while you're hiding in your mundane life. It speaks up for you when asked what your dreams are. Music has always defined who i am as a person and music has always touched me much deeper than other things, reaching into the last remaining parts of my soul that are rarely disturbed.

Bands such as Pink Floyd and Tool touched me most in this area and have laid the framework for the type of music, atmosphere, and emotion I've always wanted our listeners to experience, whether that be life's seemingly unending hopelessness or life's glimpse of an eternal loving paradise.

Artists have always talked about how they've written great songs or talked about the experiences they have gone through that compelled them to write these songs. What i realize is that we are just conduits for the song's coming to fruition. God has already created these songs. All i can pray is that I become a conduit for the music that this generation comes to embrace.

Josh Sturm's Bio:

How can you not follow your dream, especially when they call you every waking second of your existence? I've been playing guitar since I was 12 and haven't been able to put it down yet. Falling in love with music was easy to do when i was young and thirsting for some kind of identity. It's sad that we can only see the true potential of this world when we are young. The older we get, the easier it is to give up on our dreams and chase whatever is convenient. Music is my dream and my life.

The album that began my musical revelation was Metallica's black album. From that point on, I decided to devote my life to music and expanding the abilities that God has given me. Recently, I've been listening more to music with more substance and atmosphere. Pink Floyd has always been a band that can drastically alter my mood and emotions. I love bands that have your senses under complete control. That is what I strive for with my music.

Although music is important to me, it is not my only source of identity. I believe God has given me musical abilities to fulfill His plan for me. I'm glad He has given me a path to follow and plans that are greater than any of this earth. I don't understand how people can deny the existence of God when they see the world around them. Every life has to have some kind of purpose.

I believe that God puts all of us here for a reason and we all have a special gift to add to the world. I believe that God has shown me that my gift is music.

Dom Misja Bio:

I've been playing piano for eleven years now and I think I'm finally starting to understand where God is taking me with my music. If somebody sticks with something that they love for that amount of time then it definitely starts to mean something more than just sitting down on the bench for a little each day, practicing scales. I'd been playing bass for less than a year when I found t