New York City, New York, USA

KaiserCartel is a low-fi, harmony-heavy, song driven Brooklyn based duo. Their live show is unforgettable and will charm you into coming back to see them over and over again.


Courtney began writing her own music at the age of 16. She is classically trained in opera but has delved into Indian classical music as well as other influences beyond the western world. Courtney has played in bands such as United States Three, The Prom, John Mellencamp band. Courtney has also helped other musicians (such as the Wallflowers and Sean Lennon) with their music by adding her drawingly powerful voice. Benjamin Cartel started out his musical career with the drums. He rings it in with the feel of Steve Jordan and the power of Stuart Copland. He played in bands such as The Heartdrops and the Benjamin Cartel. The two have combined their forces of sultry but meaningful songwriting and put it into an eclectic and heartwrenching form they call KaiserCartel. They have opened for and performed with Martha Wainwright, Joe Pernice, Bettie Serveert, The Go Betweens, and The Shore.


Double Standard EP (self released) 2006
Breakaway Radio EP (self released) 2007
Okay...and other things we feel EP [bluhammock 2008 (US)]
March Forth [bluhammock 2008 (US)/CRS 2009 (Europe)]
Daytrotter EP (to be released in 9/09)

March Forth charted on the CMJ charts and various tracks can be heard on radio across the country

Set List

The set is usually 45 minutes.