Kaisor Sosa

Kaisor Sosa

 Chicago, Illinois, USA
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Kaisor Sosa is a Chicago emcee!! Having served his country in the US Coast Guard, a college graduate, and appearances in feature films. Widely considered the most underrated newcomer in all of hip hop he retells these experiences thru his lyricism, laid back flow, and insight into everday life.


Once dubbed as "having a futuristic flow" by Chino Xl, Kaisor Sosa is quickly coming into his own and establishing himself as one of rap's most successful newcomers. Kaisor Sosa -- born Ryan Glover in Chicago, Il -- has always caried a balance of undergound sensibilities and mainstream appeal, and in 2005 he was a semifinalist in the Kanye West hosted Chicago Idol Contest and the Rhymespitters II Annual Freestyle Contest, the only rapper in the history of Chicago ever to be a semifinalist in both competitions. From that point through 2006, there wasnt any point where Kaisor Sosa music wasn't being downloaded in droves on the internet -- from having the number 1 song on Soundclick, being featured on National Internet Station Fearless Radio, appearing on JCT Magazine Radio station, a increasingly popular myspace page, and crowd favorite on youtube. Sosa affirmed his status as an up and comer by being named Indie Grind in Hip Hop Weekly in 2008. A good amount of time in 08' saw Sosa opening for acts such as Digital Underground, Dead Prez, Camp Lo, Slick Rick, and Chino XL. Far more time was spent working on his debut album "Cop and Blow" which features the single "Cali Life" which has received a nomination for Independent Hip Hop Record of the year at the LA Music Awards. Far more ink has been spent on his altercation with the LA Sherriff Department after opening for Dead Prez in 2008, than the 501 (c) 3 he runs with his brother and other humanitarian involvements.


Cali Life

Written By: Ryan Glover

Cali Life
Opened the Viper Room
Notoriety might be soon
Ghost of River Phoenix like me 2
Whatever u heard bout me
Might be true
Got kush balls might be blue
Cuz these starlet’s
be acting like they don’t wanna screw
less they on a casting couch
no limit what they do
still on point like romeo
on fraternity row
trying to get a coed 2 blow me so
balance out my ego of being low on dough
minus the franklins
she must think she Sana Lathan
high maientnance
my only prerequisite
the test negative like my bank statements
models keep my heart racing
been up in a couple 2
cant divulge the covers they be gracing
only way im underground
she blow me in the basement in Cali

It’s the Cali Life (7x)

Verse 2
No place like Southen Cali
Long Beach 2 the Valley
Entourage like Vincent Chase
Teddy Styles Ari bunny in the backseat giving him face
Lesbians a waste
Like rappers blowing they advance
Aint even got taste
Got a watch from Jacob
Saw u wit a tranny like Mase
Acting Hollywood lie to my face
Ones the Gestapo
Easy to catch a case
Swear the weed was laced
Potent thc cant feel my face
And I aint Wayne or Julez
Hip hops dead who sez
Business tactics like dude who started Ruthless
All these kids I gotta be the Coolest
Anything less is foolish
Yall clique living losers
Im the true definitiont juice is
Like making excuses in Cali

It’s the Cali Life (7x)

Verse 3
Dreams of Bugattis and Hotties
At least getting into Interscopes lobby
This aint a hobby
Its my life
Beats my wife
No ike
Similar to 90s mike
The music don’t care if you like
Someone loves it
None of da fake thug hits
Or wack club hits
Buzz its
Chicago 2 Cali
Then id make it
Stepped off the plane at Lax
Whats next
Into to bunnies on ex
Rub and tugs 2 relieve the stress
End of the day must confess
Calis Fresh
Like episodes of Entourage
Asian Chicks who wanna ménage
Everyday Im thanking God
Even if some of these characters kinda odd
Aint looking for nods or approvals
Success or my earthly removal
Dat Cali Life


Cop and Blow (LP) -2009
I Got Swag [Single]-2008
Cali Life [Single]-2008
Young Fresh 2 Def [Single]-2008

Set List

Set length geared toward 25 min- Can perform longer I have over 200 song catalogue cater my sets for specific crowd!!

Eg of possible set list
1)Young Fresh 2 Def
2)I Got Swag
3)The People
4)You Dont Wanna See Me
5) Cali Life