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Kaisor Sosa

Chicago, IL | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | AFTRA

Chicago, IL | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Hip Hop Electronic


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Album Review: Kaisor Sosa - Cop and Blow"

Album review: Kaisor Sosa - Cop and Blow

The latest album from Chicago-based emcee shows promise, but is bogged down sometimes by filler

Jon Graef

Like Common, another socially-conscience emcee who spent his formative years on Chicago’s South Side, Kaiser Sosa specializes in making hip-hop that makes insightful commentary into the social issues of the day with its desire to get asses on the dance-floor. But now that Common has left for presumably greener pastures in the form of commercial-baiting albums and action movie roles, there’s more than enough room to fill Mr. Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr.’s considerable shoes.

With his latest record, Cop and Blow, Sosa doesn’t quite get there, but there’s more than enough appealingly laid-back production and solid rhyming to appease hip-hop fans. The problem with Blow is that Sosa’s often tripped up by his greatest strength as an emcee: his charmingly laid-back flow. For serious-minded album highlight “The People,” Sosa’s flow rides the beat easily.

But as soon as Florida-based rapper Sticman shows up, Sosa has been outshined, even though he’s dropped a totally decent verse. Cop and Blow hits its absolute nadir mid-way through with endlessly repetitive “My Enemies,” which takes the recitation of its refrain to unintentionally comedic heights. But fortunately, Blow recovers, and ends on its two best songs, party-anthems “Good Times” and “Cali Life.” Sosa doesn’t spit as hard as Minneapolis’ up-and-coming P.O.S., but anyone seeking a pretty decent hip-hop record that has more on its mind than regretting nott taping last night’s party, Cop and Blow should suffice.

Cop and Blow will be released on June 23rd - Jon Graef

"The Cops in Killa Cali"

If you read the last rumors entry, you know there was an incident of alleged police brutality in Cali after a dead prez concert. Here are remarks from people that saw it or were nearby:

Any eyewitness:

"I want to comment on the Kaisor Sosa article. I saw it all go down. I was walking to show when I saw this cop just hating on dude. A bunch of girls said that the dude had just performed. Dude didn't do anything. All of a sudden [the cops] tackled his ass, it was f***ed up. People should so something."

One of the DJ’s that night:

“I didn’t see what happened to dude but I know that sunset blvd. was pretty much shut down for a while with about 20 cop cars, sheriffs standing in the street and what not. I can vouch for cops being there in full force and being absolute assholes as usual.”

One of the bouncers that night:

“I’m actually one of the bouncers at the Key Club and Kaisor Sosa is actually a cool ass dude he real down to earth. It’s obvious it was more security than usual for Dead Prez than the usual headliner. I heard about it but I didn’t see him get his ass beat by the police but I dont doubt it 4 a second. People be drunk and belligerent and they get smashed by me or the Sheriff Department but [Kaisor Sosa] actually a standup dude.” - AlLHipHop.Com

"Kaisor Sosa - Cop and Blow"

2009, Kaisor Sosa

Kaisor Sosa, aka Ryan Glover, is one of the biggest names in underground rap in the Chicago, Illinois market. A previous semi-finalist in both Kanye West’s Chicago Idol contest and Rhymespitters II, Sosa is the only artist to ever reach the semi-finals in both. Sosa’s debut, full-length album, Cop And Blow was unleashed in early 2009.

Cop And Blow opens with two marketing songs, I Got Swag and Young Fresh 2 Def. The first is an introduction to Kaisor Sosa and the second is a "street cred" song. Unfortunately the marketing angle to these songs is so blatant that it draws attention away from any artistry that might be involved. Kaisor Sosa displays real enthusiasm for his music, but that's his prime selling point. From a rhythm perspective the music on Cop And Blow tends toward the more mundane, failing to really stand out in an over-crowded hip-hop field. As a poet/rhymer Kaisor Sosa is decent but not outstanding. The People (featuring Sticman) tries to ply a revolutionary message but comes across as xenophobic even when pointing out real social issues. Intentionally or not, Sosa falls into the clichés of race relations rather than attempting to offer new insight or solutions. You Don't Wanna See Me shows some potential and some thought that rises above marketable ideals, but on the whole Cop And Blow just seemed a little too contrived to hit home.

Kaisor Sosa has potential; his enthusiasm alone will sell some CDs and downloads, but this is a young artist trying on different voices and styles in search of one that seems like his own. Once he finds a voice he's comfortable with we'll start to see what he's really about. Cop And Blow is public viewing of this hip-hop dress-up session. Some things work to a point, but one gets the impression that Sosa is still a little too inured in pop culture images to really see himself. We look forward to seeing and hearing what he tries next, because there's a sense here that once he finds himself musically he'll have a lot to say.

Rating: 2.5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Kaisor Sosa at www.myspace.com/kaisorsosa or http://www.kaisorsosa.com/. I was unable to find a purchase point for Cop And Blow, but you can email the artist through his website. Don’t use MySpace, as it appears he hasn’t signed in there in a while. - Widy Haskell- Widys World Blogspot

"Kaisor Sosa - The Cali Life"

Its Kaisor Sosa from the Chi!! Let me know what you think!!

Download: Kaisor Sosa - The Cali Life - Scholar Report

"Ear to Ear Music Review"

Kaisor Sosa.....Who is Kasior Sosa? Not the cat from that movie, but he is a southside Chicago MC. He is a gifted story teller. I am impressed with his wordplay. He is one of the most underated newcomers in the game. This one right here did not do it for me as far as the production goes, but Sosa lyrics alone are worth a listen. - Become Magazine By: DJ Pause

"Kaisor Sosa - The Cali Life"

Featured Artist January 14th 2009 - East Coast Digital Radio

"Creative Spotlight: the spiritual side of actor, hip hop artist Kaisor Sosa"

Before he was known as Kaisor Sosa, Ryan Glover attended a Catholic school located in the South side of Chicago. It was during those years that he first tried his hand at wordsmithing. During his college years, Kaisor relocated to Las Vegas to follow a career as an emcee before becomi

image copyright Alycia Rockney
ng the hip hop artist and actor he is today.

Happily for Chicagoans, life circumstances led Sosa back in his hometown some years later, where he still works today as a contributor to both the local film and music industries. You may have seen Kaisor as a 2005 contestant in Chicago Idol hosted by Kanye West or you might recognize him from his appearances in numerous television shows and films, including his role in the Jennifer Aniston film, Derailed.

This is how he tells his faith story and the way it relates to his work:

I’ve always been religious and had a close relationship with God. Going to private schools all my life prayer was kind of beat into me; I mean instilled. I was reared in a Catholic household but even though I still attend masses, I wouldn't consider myself Catholic. I am Christian and have accepted Jesus into my life but I study other religions as well. My most spiritual moment happened when I had a near death experience when I was living in Mississippi and flipped my 2000 Durango into a levy and walked out without a scratch. Ever since then, I’ve been on a more righteous path. I always keep spirituality as a common topic in my music.

I attend Catholic mass with my parents on Sunday sometimes and I really like watching televangelists like Joel Osteen and Frederick Price.

I pray everyday and ask God to direct me. I’m really big now on paying attention to my words because they have the power to shape your life. I like to use positive affirmations daily e.g. "God makes a way where there is no way" which is exactly what hes done for me in my life by allowing me to finish my first album with appearances from Stic Man of Dead Prez and Naledge of Kidz in the Hall.

Kaisor says his creative process is, “very spiritual. I use it as a way to give thanks to the Creator.” He cites his single “Mind Can’t Console With” as an example. You can listen to the track and find out more about his upcoming projects at kaisorsosa.com. - www.examiner.com

"Kaisor Sosa: Crash and Burn Unsigned"

Who is Kaisor Sosa? Sosa is Southside, Chicago MC who has worked with Stic Man from Dead Prez and Naledge of Kiz in the Hall, and his debut album, Cop and Blow, dropped this year. Think Quasimoto’s rhyme scheme with a dash of Ras Kass’ wordplay. A gifted story teller and wordsmith, Sosa is swinging for the fences and should be a force In the hip-hop game for years to come. Check out “Crash and Burn” for an example of how well he can deliver an interesting story from verses to the chorus. - Jason Kordrich with URB Magazine


Cop and Blow (LP) -2009
I Got Swag [Single]-2008
Cali Life [Single]-2008
Young Fresh 2 Def [Single]-2008



Once dubbed as "having a futuristic flow" by Chino Xl, Kaisor Sosa is quickly coming into his own and establishing himself as one of rap's most successful newcomers. Kaisor Sosa -- born Ryan Glover in Chicago, Il -- has always caried a balance of undergound sensibilities and mainstream appeal, and in 2005 he was a semifinalist in the Kanye West hosted Chicago Idol Contest and the Rhymespitters II Annual Freestyle Contest, the only rapper in the history of Chicago ever to be a semifinalist in both competitions. From that point through 2006, there wasnt any point where Kaisor Sosa music wasn't being downloaded in droves on the internet -- from having the number 1 song on Soundclick, being featured on National Internet Station Fearless Radio, appearing on JCT Magazine Radio station, a increasingly popular myspace page, and crowd favorite on youtube. Sosa affirmed his status as an up and comer by being named Indie Grind in Hip Hop Weekly in 2008. A good amount of time in 08' saw Sosa opening for acts such as Digital Underground, Dead Prez, Camp Lo, Slick Rick, and Chino XL. Far more time was spent working on his debut album "Cop and Blow" which features the single "Cali Life" which has received a nomination for Independent Hip Hop Record of the year at the LA Music Awards. Far more ink has been spent on his altercation with the LA Sherriff Department after opening for Dead Prez in 2008, than the 501 (c) 3 he runs with his brother and other humanitarian involvements.