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LaineGraceMusic has the privilege to manage and promote Kaitie Hart, a new rising Country/Pop Artist! Kaitie was 1 of 7 California Finalists for Texaco Country Showdown 2011. An album is coming 2013 as well as concert dates.

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"Take Me To Heaven"

Written By: Laine Grace

1. You see I was lost in desperation, didn't know what to do
I was covered with doubts so thick I could not see through
Then out of nowhere a light it broke in
Brought me up higher than I've ever been
My heart was in such a lonely place
Then you came along and changed up my song
My saving, my saving grace
I can see forever in your face

CH You take me to heaven every time you speak my name
You bring me salvation, just your touch
There's something about you baby, I'll never be the same
If I had not met you, the sun would not shine
You're my angel, take me, take me to heaven
Hold me close, your body next to mine
Take me, take me, take me to heaven
A love like this for all time

2. All I know I was looking for redemption land
Miles of back roads, music from a long ago band
So many things that I had done wrong
You walked in and I heard a melody of a new song
Took me by surprise with your new sound
Caught my falling heart, put me back on solid ground
Believed in me when there was no one around
And no one could be found