Kaiti Koullia

Kaiti Koullia

 Athens, Attica, GRC

Songs from the Aegean Islands; songs that speak about nature, life, joy, pain, exile, love; songs that are filled with the hope and faith of the common man; songs filled with the light of the bright blue sky and stretch to the horizon...


kaiti Koullia was born and grew up in Kalymnos, a small island of Dodecanese, Greece.

Since 2004 she attended lessons of modern singing at Greek National Conservatory. She has performed next to well known Greek artist and singers such as Yorgos Dalaras, Dimitra Galani, Glykeria, Savinna Yanatou etc.

She gave concerts in Europe, Ukraine, USA and Australia.

She awarded the third prize at Folk Festival of Samarkand at Uzbekistan (2001).

She has performed at Herodus Atticus Theater, Athens and Thessaloniki Megaron of Music and in 3rd Biennale of Modern Art Exhibition in Thessaloniki (2011).


2011 "Blue on the horizon" Songs from the tradition of the Dodecanese,
Editing and arrangement by Chris Tsiamoulis.

2006 "Hold me from my waist"
Kaiti Koullia performs new songs, with lyrics by Lina Dimopoulos, Nikos Stathopoulos, Elias Katsoulis and Helen Ziogas.
Friendly participants are Lavrentis Mahairitsas, Gerasimos Andreou and ¬ęKitrina Podilata¬Ľ.
Arrangement: Anthony Mitzelos.

2004 "Love forgives mistakes"
Kaiti Koullia performs new songs with lyrics by Elias Katsoulis, George Fratzolas, Mary Tsima, Angelos Kalogeropoulos & Agathe Dimitrouka. Music by Orpheas Peridis, George Fratzolas and Kaiti Koullia.
Production Editor: Orpheas Peridis - Bill Sachpasidis.

2003 "Oh, trees you may blossom, or wither"
"Train at the Roof" Venue
Greek Composers and Poets.
Production Editor - Arrangement: George Papadakis.

1999 "Here the dreams waking"
Kaiti Koullia performs new songs with lyrics and music by George Fratzolas and Evanthia Reboutsika arrangement.

1996 "Aura of the sea"
New and folk songs.
Production Supervisor - Arrangement Christos Tsiamoulis