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"KAITLYN ANDERSON : Big Dreams in Music"

Everyone has a dream. Unfortunately many people in the entertainment industry have the same one. Kaitlyn Anderson's dreams began on a stage in Texas, where as a natural performer, she took over the show as she shuffled across the dusty floorboards in her tailored Statue of Liberty costume. Her blonde hair shone in the spotlights, while the piercing blue eyes and tremendous passion of this three year old girl stole the hearts of the crowd.

As a child, Kaitlyn was inspired by the powerful vocals of Bette Midler, the moving lyrics of Amy Grant, and the catchy tunes of The Beach Boys. Her enthusiasm with the arts overtook her life. Growing up and through the college years, she continued to immerse herself in anything and everything that had to do with music, art or theatre—after all, it was her dream to make it as a singer/ songwriter.

Even though Kaitlyn never let go of her dreams, after graduation, the real world kicked in and she had to work as a wedding planner to pay the bills. At first the career started to weaken her dreams and mess with her confidence. Being a singer/songwriter in Los Angeles can be intimidating. Everywhere you turn, you meet someone else who wants the same thing as you—fame. However, since Kaitlyn knew deep in her heart where her dreams were vested, she continued taking her voice lessons. Then one day, on a whim, she decided to record a song in the studio. She immediately realized that becoming a recording artist was her destiny; she would pursue her aspirations and not let anything get in her way.

Kaitlyn shares, "My life has changed drastically in the past two years. Complicated life decisions have led me to where I am today. I have always had my dream, but I struggled with some confidence issues and had to learn to believe in myself. I now have support from my family and a professional team around me, so it makes my dreams more accessible. Their love has given me all the confidence in the world. Who thought all you needed was love?"

Kaitlyn realizes she has to pay her dues—fame doesn't happen overnight. She has perfected her addicting sound on her debut EP "Kaitlyn Anderson" as rock blended with a kiss of pop. As a woman who is designing her fate and planning on making big waves in the music industry, Kaitlyn Anderson is truly is on her way to becoming America's next pop rock sweetheart. Kaitlyn's debut EP will be released early in 2008. - Mona Loring/Women's Online Magazine

"The Hollywood Scoop: Americas Pop Rock Sweetheart"


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"In the past, I've given nods to good female vocalists and Kaitlyn is no exception. Here is an alternative to the current female pop cliches, with the single "So Much Better" a really strong song, is part Meredith Brooks attitude and Shania Twain sweetness. She has a strong pop vocal that doesn't overly stylize the song and as an example "Unhappy" has a great melody and understated rock guitar that doesn't take away from the vocal performance. Also worthy of note is Guillermo Guerrero's excellent guitar solo on "Walk Away." A bit of Pat Benetar rock leaks out on "Pressure." Worth checking out for sure. " - PowerPop

- Power Pop


"A New Word for Over EP is the debut release from Kaitlyn Anderson. Besides Kaitlyn on lead vocals the rest of her band is, Eric Kambestad (drums), and Guillermo Guerrero (guitar). Kaitlyn list many musical influences including, Kelly Clarkson, Mandy Moore, Ashlee Simpson, Christina Aguilera, Avril Lavigne, Pink, Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood, and Paramore. I would go back a few years further though and compare her singing voice to that of, Pat Benatar or the Wilson sisters from the band Heart, with her slightly demure yet still rocking vocals. The style of the 6 tracks found on this EP is mostly rock with a splash of pop. At first it might be Kaitlyn’s attractive looks that grab your attention but once the vocals start it will be her talent that keeps it. Kaitlyn has a spunky rock sound that when mixed with the other musicians driving drumbeats and many guitar solos found in the songs create really nice music. The songs lyrics deal a lot with relationship issues and difficult decisions that everyone must make from time-to-time in their life. You’ll also find though that Kaitlyn is a person that believes in dreams and, that if you follow yours, in the end it will all work out for the best. If Kaitlyn Anderson keeps putting out music like found on A New Word for Over she can rest assured that all of her music related dreams will be coming true." - CW Place - CW's Place


Kaitlyn Anderson is a new face in the music industry. She is just starting to make a name for herself and already, the industry is referring to her as “America’s Pop Rock Sweetheart. Although the industry refers to the young singer-songwriter as being “Pop Rock,” her sound falls more on the Rock side of the music industry than it does the Pop side.

Having spent most of her youth pursuing the training she desired in dance and theatre, Kaitlyn gave herself a good starting point for achieving a career in the entertainment industry. Part of Kaitlyn’s training consisted of voice lessons to help her gain control of her instrument. Her voice has been compared to Bette Midler. Having completed her training, Kaitlyn has gone on to pursue her dream of working in the music industry.

When she is living her dream of making music and is presently in the middle of promoting a newly released 6-song EP entitled A New Word For Over…, the last thing you could call Kaitlyn Anderson is “unhappy.” One of the main reasons no one could call Kaitlyn that is because her current single, “Unhappy,” is on the move in the music industry. The first single off of Kaitlyn’s new EP has achieved the status of “Most Added” on indie radio in just one week and is also the #1 most added single for AC and Top 40 radio on the indie charts. “A New Word For Over…”, the new release by Kaitlyn Anderson, is the perfect way to introduce the world to the talents of this up-and-coming songwriter.

All six of the songs on the new CD were written by Kaitlyn exclusively, or were co-written with the help of two other female songwriters, Rachael Lawrence and Deborah Ellen. And while the three songs Kaitlyn wrote with the help of Rachael and Deborah (So Much Better, I Don’t Know How, and Walk Away) are good, the other three songs Kaitlyn penned on her own (Unhappy, Pressure, and Paralyzed Me) are what stick out. The best songs on the CD are the single of “Unhappy” and “Pressure”.

Helping Kaitlyn flesh out the songs for the EP are her band mates Guillermo Guerrero and Eric Kambestad. Guerrero is the guitarist for the band and helped write the musical arrangements for guitar. Kambestad is the drummer and helped arrange the drum parts for the music. Together, bass player CD Rios joined Kaitlyn, Guillermo, and Eric and the four musicians recorded the 6 songs that became “A New Word For Over…”
Kaitlyn’s style was shaped by her musical influences that include Avril Lavigne, Ashlee Simpson, Pink, Paramore, as well as others. These influences help form a style that fits in with the many female musicians in the pop/rock genre that have gone on to success selling many millions of albums. With time, Kaitlyn could easily become just as big.

With Kaitlyn’s first single, “Unhappy,” on its way up the charts, it’s only a matter of time before the whole world comes to know the name “Kaitlyn Anderson”. But you can hear the music of one of today’s best up-and-coming talents right now by going to her MySpace account and checking out her new CD entitled “A New Word For Over….” You can find Kaitlyn Anderson on MySpace at www.myspace.com/kaitlynandersonmusic.
- The Rock and Roll Report, by Matheson

"Interview with BUDDY HOLLYWOOD . COM"

A Conversation with KAITLYN ANDERSON
Written by Mike Parker
Thursday, 03 April 2008

Newcomer, Kaitlyn Anderson, has been performing almost since she was old enough to walk. Dance, theatre, music and voice lessons became as natural as breathing as the Texas beauty prepped for a life above the footlights. But reality is a harsh taskmaster for even the most talented and driven of individuals, and Kaitlyn eventually found herself working as a wedding planner, just to pay the bills. That is until the dream reasserted itself.

BuddyHollywood.com – You’ve pretty much grown up with an eye on entertainment business. As a youngster, what kind of challenges did you face trying to balance school, home, and aspiring to be an entertainer?

Kaitlyn Anderson – It wasn’t all that hard when I was young, because it was more of a hobby. My parents wanted me to focus on school, but there was plenty of time for music and sports. It was when I went to college and after college that I had to figure out how much time I could spend working on the music while still working or going to class. The bottom line is, when you when you love something there is always a way to make it work.

BuddyHollywood.com – You attended a performing arts magnet high school and focused on theatre and dance in college. Was there ever any doubt in your mind that you were going to make it in show biz?

Kaitlyn – There was never a doubt that I was going to have a career in show business, but it is hard to define the term ‘make it.’ Success is a personal thing and for me I’ve already ‘made it.’ No, there was never any doubt in my mind that I would be doing this for the rest of my life.

BuddyHollywood.com – You’ve trained in theatre and dance as well as music. What differences do you find in these disciplines?

Kaitlyn – I always pursued vocal training, ever since Jr. High, at the private level. And particularly at the professional level one-on-one training is essential, much more so than in the theatre. In the theatre it helps to be in a group so you can work off of each other. But singing really requires individual attention.

BuddyHollywood.com – What is the biggest challenge you face as a new singer, just starting out.

Kaitlyn – So far the biggest challenge has been getting people out to a show. There are so many artists in LA, and they are so good, that it is important to set yourself a part. It is a challenge but it is also a lot of fun.

BuddyHollywood.com – You are billed as “America’s Pop Rock Sweetheart.” That’s either awfully gutsy, or pretty pretentious.

Kaitlyn – I don’t think pretentious is a word that comes to mind for me. I would choose gutsy. I am a sweetheart and I think it is cool that people see me that way. I will go the extra mile to make people happy.

BuddyHollywood.com – So tell me about your music.

Kaitlyn – We have our first EP coming out in May. It is called “A New Word for Over.” The title track is a breakup song based on my personal experiences. The first single is called “Unhappy.” I’m really proud of it because I am the lyricist for all six of the songs.

BuddyHollywood.com – Last words?

Kaitlyn – We’re having two shows in April for some great causes. The first is Lillith Unfair for Breast Cancer Research. I’m doing it for three ladies in my life who have been affected by this disease. It is a great cause. I think breast cancer is a disease that can be cured so I want to do everything I can to help. Then we are doing a show for Music Vs. Drunk Driving. I’ve lost a couple of friends to drunk drivers, and I think it is incredibly important to get the word out that you should never drive if you have had even one drink.

The Seven Questions

1. What’s your favorite sound?
Kaitlyn – Laughter.

2. What makes you happy?
Kaitlyn – My family, my friends, my boyfriend, my band, good music, a good wine, my fans, and sports.

3. What makes you angry?
Kaitlyn – I don’t really get angry, but my pet peeves are inconsiderate people and LA Traffic.

4. What is the secret of success?
Kaitlyn – Plain and simple, the secret of success is being happy.

5. If you could have dinner with anyone in history, living or dead, who would it be?
Kaitlyn – My Grandpa. He passed a couple of years ago and there is no one in the world more interesting or inspiring, and I miss him.

6. What is written on your tombstone?
Kaitlyn – “Talented musician, great daughter, great sister, a best friend, mother and wife…Somebody always to be remembered.”

7. What is the first thing you want to hear God say to you?
Kaitlyn – “Welcome.”


http://buddyhollywood.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=281&Itemid=66 - Mike Parker, "Buddy Hollywood"


Debut EP, "A New Word for Over" featuring her single, "Unhappy" was released MAY 2008.



“Don’t be intimidated by your destiny just because the journey seems too challenging. We all have hopes and dreams for a reason. Honor your gifts and never let go of what you truly want in life.”

It isn’t easy being a singer/songwriter in today’s fickle music industry. Everyone wants the same thing and there are only a handful of opportunities for these passionate artists to grab a hold of. In Los Angeles, where Kaitlyn is from, performers are seemingly a dime a dozen and people with amazing talent fail to stand out in the crowd because they get lost in the shuffle of everyone else inundating the industry with the same sound.

In comes Kaitlyn Anderson…

Kaitlyn’s dreams began on a stage in Texas, where as a natural performer, this 3 year old took over the show as she shuffled across the dusty floorboards in her tailored Statue of Liberty costume. Her piercing blue eyes and tremendous passion stole the hearts of the crowd and little did she know, it was the beginning of a long and amazing journey ahead.

After years of work and passion, Kaitlyn has perfected her sound on her debut EP (released on May 9, 2008) “A New Word for Over...” as rock blended with a kiss of pop. She notes that her musical influences came from the sounds of Paramore, The Foo Fighters, Carrie Underwood, and Mandy Moore.

Kaitlyn now resides in Nashville, Tennessee. She believes it is where songwriters flourish. "I'm tremendously excited about my new life here, and am actively looking for co-writers and any possible collaborations."
She is currently changing her genre from more of a rock feel to country / pop / singer-songwriter.

As a passionate, idealistic, and positive person, Kaitlyn says her lyrics are emotional-- a direct result of her wearing her heart on her sleeve. Sometimes bitter, sometimes sassy, many of her lyrics have come from her past tumultuous relationships, and the journey through making difficult life decisions when following your dreams.

Kaitlyn played at shows all over Southern California - noting her favorite venue as the world famous Troubadour, and her hit single “Unhappy” impacted radio and was noted as the “Most-Added” single on indie radio in just one week. The EP “A New Word for Over...” is available at iTunes, BestBuy.com and in select Best Buy stores.

She is also available for singing on any demos; Pop, Country, Rock, Punk, R&B, Singer/Songwriter, etc.

*Member of ASCAP & SAG*