Kaitlyn Rosati

Kaitlyn Rosati

 Brooklyn, New York, USA

Pop/rock/theatrical artist who always put on a show.
The love child of Gwen Stefani & Freddie Mercury.


Kaitlyn Rosati is a singer / songwriter / human sass machine based out of NYC. She belts out unconventional yet relatable lyrics that have been described as "humorously dark." If her catchy melodies don't grab your attention, her fiesty stage performance most certainly will. 

Kaitlyn's first time on stage was at the ripe age of 5 years old. She sang "Colors of the Wind" from Pocahontas in her school talent show, and insisted that she go on stage barefoot with her stuffed Miko, showing early signs of being committed to character and having a strong passion for the theatrical side of performing.

Kaitlyn has been singing anywhere and everywhere she could since that moment. She's competed both nationally and locally. At 16 years old, she was given the opportunity to record some songs with Anthony Krizan, former member of the Spin Doctors, in Raritan, NJ.

Rosati grew up in the 500-population-town of Westmoreland, NY. Knowing it would be nearly impossible to pursue music in that town, she graduated high school at age 16 and immediately fled to Los Angeles to pursue both a pop career, and attend a musical theatre conservatory, The American Musical & Dramatic Academy.

After graduating AMDA, Kaitlyn's mom bought her a guitar for Christmas, and she started teaching herself how to play. Within 2 months of learning, she was attending open mic nights in Hollywood, directly followed by her booking shows. Kaitlyn merged her love of pop music and theatre and had found her niche on stage, singing the words that she had been writing her entire life, while always putting on quite the show.

Once Kaitlyn built a substantial following for herself in Hollywood, she garnered some attention in NYC which led her to move to the East Coast. Kaitlyn still lives in NYC and can be found playing all over the city with her band. She debuted her first music video to her track "The Other Woman" which received positive feedback from NYC-based music critics. She is currently writing vigorously to finish her EP "Bad Idea," due for release in Fall 2015. 

Musically, Kaitlyn is most influenced by the quirkiness of Kate Nash, the brashness of Marina & The Diamonds, the fashion sense of No Doubt & David Bowie, and Queen's theatricality. Aside from recording artists, Rosati is strongly influenced by musical theatre, with her favorite shows being Cabaret & The Wild Party.

She's sassy, she's fierce, she's a hell of a songwriter, and a hell of a singer. A Kaitlyn Rosati performance is as fearless as it is entertaining.



Written By: Kaitlyn Rosati

If I had 7 midgets follow me
It would be irritating
If I had to wear slippers made of glass
My feet would always be bleeding
I met a boy, he sort of looked like Peter Pan
& he was sort of a prick
If I'm only a beauty when I'm sleeping
Who really gives a shit?

Maybe, someday I'll find my prince charming
But for today, this heart needs a stronger army, yeah
Someday, my fairytale may come true
I'm just sad it wasn't with you

I have so much to give & all the,
The wrong people are taking
Thought you said you would be here tonight
But I guess I've been mistaken
Don't want to be in this state of mind again
But this time I can't take it, no, oh
It's so hard to admit that I'm lonely,
But this time i can't fake it


Well, I hope your college test went well
Thank you for the call
Sorry I'm flat-chested
& I'm only 5-feet tall
But someday you'll regret
The way you let me fall
It's typical, I'm so upset
And you don't care at all


Thank god it wasn't with you
Someday, I'll find my prince charming
But for today, I'm gonna be my own damn army, yeah
Someday, my fairytale, it will come true
I'm just sad it wasn't with you

I'm sad it wasn't with you
No, oh
Just sad it wasn't with you

The Other Woman

Written By: Kaitlyn Rosati

Secret lover, secret lover
Will they ever know?
The mystery between us
That we've seen underneath us

I know you're in love with another
I'm just a girl undercover
But we can keep this on the down low
'Cause she can't die from what she don't know

I'm okay being the other woman
Get my fix with no commitment
I'm okay being the other woman
The other woman
The other woman

Secret lover, secret lover
Shh, keep hush hush
Sneak out mid-afternoon
Meet me in the back room

I know you're in love with another
I'm just your lady when we're under the covers
It may seem degrading but I don't mind
If there's a cure to this sickness, I don't wanna find it


What she don't know could never hurt her (x7)
What she don't know won't kill her


I'm okay being the other woman
Get my dick with no commitment
I'm okay being the other woman
The other woman
The other woman

One Night Stand

Written By: Kaitlyn Rosati

It happened so fast and the night was a blur
Another glass of wine gone down
And I swear I didn't know you were with her
Either way, I could go for a second round

I wish I could think of it less often
But you remind me all of the time
How good it was, how it lasted all night
You're dirty and I like it, and I'm so sick of denying it

One night, my ass
This is the longest one night stand I've ever had
One night, no way
I've never been so close to a burning flame

We knew it would happen with our flirtatious past
Anything to relieve some stress
So we drank and we drank, and boy we drank fast
Then I was a mess, just a crazy fuckin' mess

I enjoyed how you grabbed me
When no one else was looking
I know that I shouldn't do it again
But you're dirty and I like it, and there's no sense in denying it


I know I'm not the only one
I know you feel the same
You want me, yeah, you want me
So let's play another game
Look into my eyes
I wanna hear you scream my name
Just let temptation win
Baby, you're my favorite sin



Written By: Kaitlyn Rosati

I get a sick thrill off the stares I get from strangers
I know how good I look, they're attracted to my danger
It looks like it comes easy, at this point it really does
I've trained my brain to be this way, not the way it once was

I say I choose this life
Can you see through my disguise?
I'll never face the ugly truth
So I live pretty lies

It's disgusting how obsessed
I've become with myself
Wonder if I'll ever be
That obsessed with someone else

I used to dream of family but now I must confess
I only want a wedding so I can wear the dress
I'm daddy's little girl, I was raised on the throne
If there's something that I want, it's quickly something that I own

I say I choose this life
But the mask becomes foolproof
I'd rather live a pretty lie
Than face the ugly truth

(Repeat Chorus)

Mother said be strong
Mother said be smart
Did it make me independent?
Or did it give me a cold heart?

(Repeat Chorus x2)