The Songs of Vasistha by Kaivaly will take you on a journey of sound & awareness. Contemplative & rocking tunes open a door to timeless awareness from an ancient Sanskrit text. Though not ambient new age music, Kaivaly’s music is meditative & compelling.


The “Songs of Vasistha” were inspired by the teachings and stories of Vasistha’s Yoga, a text that is described as the earliest work with the highest wisdom of Vedanta, or Jnana yoga. It is the instruction of the Sage Vasistha to Sri Rama as recorded by the poet Valmiki. In more recent times, this wisdom has been lived by Ramana Maharshi, J. Krishnamurti, and Sri Nisargadatta. This music offers a form of satsanga with these holy ones.

The songs were composed in a few short weeks (after a lifetime of contemplation and self-inquiry) and were recorded in the high desert of Arivaca, Arizona ~ in the energetic shadow of the sacred mountain Baboquivari. They are performed by the band Kaivaly at the Desert Light Labyrinth in Arivaca.

Mary, Charlie and Peter all live in Arivaca, an oasis of wildlife and a wildly diverse community isolated in the vast Sonoran desert. The Doc joins the band from Tucson. Desert mysticism drives their music.

Lyrics and more are online at www.songsofvasistha.com.


Kaivaly's first CD is "Songs of Vasistha".

Set List

Kaivaly generally plays sets from 40 to 80 minutes long. In addition to our original songs, we cover songs by Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Warren Zevon, Neil Young, and others.