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Kaiya On The Mountain

Portland, Oregon, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Portland, Oregon, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Folk Rock




"Getting to know Kaiya On The Mountain"

Footage shows Kaiya On The Mountain being interviewed and performing live for Channel 8, KGW Portland Today. - KGW Channel 8 Portland

"Episode 37: Kaiya On The Mountain"

Podcast includes an interview with Kaiya On The Mountain and three songs off their recently released debut EP 'Talking Wild'. - Dan Cable Presents (Podcast)

"Kaiya On The Mountain Podcast"

The Portland Playlist welcomed Kaiya On The Mountain to Portland Radio Project on Wednesday and what a night that was! Who is Kaiya On The Mountain you wonder? “If Florence & The Machine and Alabama Shakes had a baby, Kaiya On The Mountain would be their love child.”

They are a band of five; Kaiya, Justyn, Jack, Matt and Liam, and surprisingly, only two are over the age of 21! They all bring a special pizzazz to the sound that makes them who they are. Although the band is based in Portland, none of the members are actually from here. Every member moved from their respective hometowns to somehow find each other (thank you, Craigslist) and create what is now Kaiya On The Mountain. Singer, Kaiya Pelletier, started out as a solo-artist in 2011 writing and performing shows in the Portland area. During this time, she began using YouTube as a means to share her music and currently has over 1.3 million views on her channel. In October 2014, she self-released her debut EP, ‘Full of Creatures.’ During that same month, she made the decision to forgo being a solo artist and put a band together. Their EP is scheduled for release in June 2016.

We spent the first hour listening to their musical influences which covered alt-J, Temples, Tame Impala, Dr. Dog, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Cyndi Lauper, Fleet Foxes, and The Grateful Dead. It was The Grateful Dead that took keyboardist, Jack Lund, beyond the metal music he favored. Tom Petty’s guitar riffs on “Refugee,” was a sound guitarist, Justyn Lewis emulated because it is an uncomplicated way of playing that keeps steady throughout the entire song. Kaiya likes alt-J for their weird harmonies which reminds her of her band’s harmonic blend, and the fact that the drummer uses no cymbals. Drummer, Liam Walker, has recently gotten into The Beatles’ music and Unknown Mortal Orchestra reminds him of them. He also likes Tame Impala because all their songs seem to be big hits. Bassist, Matt Haugen, is drawn to synth sounds and favors Temples, and Dr. Dog for their “sick synths.”

Moving into the second hour, we played some of their recorded music before getting treated to five tracks performed live which made the Talk Board light up for listeners really loved this band, and there was even an anonymous marriage proposal to Kaiya! “Karma” was a song Kaiya wrote about the time she and her Mom were homeless for two weeks, living on a campsite. Reflecting on that time, Kaiya considers it a blessing to have gone through that hardship. Karma is one they often open or close a show with; it is also the one they use to start off rehearsals. She doesn’t usually write songs in a car, but “Risky” was written one Sunday night in the backseat of her Mom’s car. “Let’s Go Out” is one that went through a few incarnations, folk to rock, before settling into a pop vibe.

Their live performance covered two tracks, “Not Gonna Change” and the less poppy, “Nobody’s Fool,” off her self-released EP, “Mine,” “Edge of Silence,” and “Secret Cities” which was originally titled, “Let Your Burdens Go.” Secret Cities seems more fitting because the words are used throughout the song, and it is a song that could easily be about any of the cities that will be on future tours because this is a band that deserves being in any festival lineup or world tour. Listening to their music throughout this hour, we kept shaking our heads in disbelief because their mature sound belies their young ages. To have the following they have amassed already lends great excitement for the road they have ahead of them.

This youthful band has the “music, the energy and the looks to back up their passion to put on an unforgettable show.” So if you like alternative folk-rock music with a southern flare, take a listen, go to one of their shows, and like our anonymous listener, you just might fall in love, we did and sure hope you do too. - Portland Radio Project

"Artist Spotlight - KAIYA - Sponsored by JOTS Records"

Current Single: Nobody's Fool

Written By: Kaiya Pelletier

Produced By: Johnny Vierra, Max Butler and Adam Selzer

Hometown: Portland, OR

Interesting Facts: The band members are all multi-instrumentalists and it's not unusual for them to pick up old instruments at thrift stores or garage sales, refurbish them and add them to the collection.

Connect with KAIYA: www.kaiyatheband.com

Johnny Vierra Management
jvieramgmt@gmail.com - MusicRow Magazine

"Kaiya On The Mountain"

Interview with Kaiya Pelletier (singer) from Kaiya On The Mountain

To start, Kaiya, we know you have been performing solo since 2011, but when would you say Kaiya On The Mountain first manifested as an idea?

The band name is relatively new actually. We came up with it a few months ago after we decided we wanted to completely reinvent our image. We had lost a couple of founding members for different personal reasons and afterwards we really struggled to keep the dream afloat. As we filled those positions within the band and we were complete again, I felt like in order to keep our spirits high and the dream alive, we needed to completely reinvent ourselves. By adding new members, working on new songs, redoing social media and changing the name I feel like we've accomplished that. We are a lot more developed and focused than we were in the past. There's still a lot of work to do, but we are definitely headed in the right direction now.

On your website, you describe your sound as a sort of "love child" of Florence and the Machine and Alabama Shakes... Can you go a little bit more into depth? What other artists and outlets do you draw your inspiration from?

Haha, I love the word "love child". It really speaks to my inner hippie girl. But what that statement means is that I feel like Florence and the Machine and Alabama Shakes are two bands that we not only take inspiration from, but that we also have a lot in common with. On one hand, with Alabama Shakes, you have this very soulful, bluesy band with this powerful female singer who really gives everything she's go with just her voice. The band aesthetic alone is quite interesting. And on the other hand, you have Florence, who's really a true work of art. Not only is her voice extremely recognizable, but also her performances are phenomenal. That's how I want Kaiya On The Mountain to be. I feel like we have the same bluesy, soulful sound of Alabama Shakes and the recognizable voice and musical performance ability of Florence and the Machine. Think of it like they're our parents and we're in the womb. We're still in the development stage, but we will soon be capable of doing what they're accomplishing everyday.

As far as other artists that I personally draw from, it ranges from Kanye West, The White Stripes, Miley Cyrus and the aforementioned bands, Florence and the Machine and Alabama Shakes. As the primary songwriter, I spend a lot more time listening to commercial music and all of these artists have three things in common.
1. They can all put on a fantastic performance, one that will leave people wanting more.
2. The have all had chart-topping music, especially Kanye and Miley. They may be controversial artists, but you can't deny the success they have earned from crossing boundaries and going after what they want.
3. They are all very recognizable vocally. If you hear one of their songs playing on the radio, changes are you'll immediately know who it is. That's very true of Jack White, Miley, Florence and Kanye. That's when you know they've made an impact in the music world. That's how you know they're a big deal.

Your debut EP comes out next month, correct? What can we expect from Kaiya On The Mountain's first major release? Do you have any shows planned in the near future?

As far as our record release, the release date is actually being pushed some. We've been in the studio recording and there's still quite a bit left to do. Since we have /are reinventing the band and our sound, we want to make sure this record is something we've really put a lot of thought into. That means not half-assing it. We'll be in the studio again later this month and then the album will be sent to L.A. with our producer for mixing and mastering. We're really shooing for it to sound as commercial as possible.

As far as shows go, we have a few shows that are in the works, which haven't been announced yet. Our primary focus right now is to get this record finished, but any upcoming shows will be posted up on our website.

I sense a lot of modern folk elements in your music. When you set out to write a song, what's the process like? Is there one or does it just happen kinds naturally and spontaneously?

As far as songwriting goes, yes it does happen spontaneously. When I first started writing songs I kept everything in a journal. It would just come out naturally as I sat with my guitar and played. The lyrics would just flow out and I would write them down as I go and then develop the song afterwards. But now, I just record everything on my phone. I have tons of ideas all the time for songs; it's just deciding what is commercially viable. I have learned how important melodies are for a commercial song. With the help of our manager Johnny Vieira, I've been able to shape my songwriting into less singer-songwriter and more commercial radio music that's shaped for the ears of those with short attention spans.

And lastly, a little bit of fun - If Kaiya On The Mountain was an animal, what animal would it be?

If Kaiya On The Mountain was an animal I think we'd be like a little colony of ants. Or like a flock of pigeons! I say that because over the past couple of months the guys in the band have taught me the true value of friendship. That we are all in this together and we can work together for this common goal we share. We really are like a family. We can carry the load when someone gets down and we're also kind of indecisive sometimes like pigeons when they change from one electrical wire to the other. If anything, I would say our band is stronger than ever now and we're really excited for what's to come in the future. We're definitely hoping you guys are there to join us in the journey. - Dream Fever Magazine 2-1-2016

"Artist News"

Johnny Vieira Management is very happy to announce the exclusive worldwide representation of artist Kaiya Pelletier and her band, professionally known as KAIYA, effective immediately.

Portland Oregon based Pop-Folk artist Kaiya Pelletier and her band – together known as KAIYA, have signed a management deal with Los Angeles based, renowned Artist Management Group J.V.M.

The band KAIYA is led by 18 year old singer-songwriter Kaiya Pelletier and includes Justyn Lewis on lead guitar, Will Haas on bass and Eduardo Miranda on drums. “Once we signed the deal, things have just taken off”, says Kaiya Pelletier. “Everyday it’s something new. We’ve been in the studio working on new material, going to photo shoots, playing shows and we just shot a music video last weekend.”

I had been following Kaiya’s career for awhile”, says J.V.M. owner Johnny Vieira. “I knew she was a special artist and she’s extremely driven for being so young. After getting to know her and then spending a couple of days with her in a recording studio in San Francisco, I knew I wanted to sign her. Once I met the rest of the band, we decided to launch the group as KAIYA and already interest in the group as a whole is overwhelming,” Vieira states.

Johnny Vieira originally started J.O.T.S. productions back in 2001 and then phased into J.O.T.S. Entertainment 5 years later. In 2012 he founded Johnny Vieira Management (J.V.M.). Vieira is renowned in the industry for developing young artist and helping them launch their careers.

We believe that 2015 – 2016 is going to launch KAIYA to the next stage in a wonderful and far reaching way. We would like to invite you to join us on this journey and hope to see you at the next KAIYA concert.

For more info, please contact J.V.M: 310.691.4487 or email at jvieiramgmt@gmail.com - Johnny Vierra Management Website

"Kaiya On The Mountain - Risky"

Kaiya On The Mountain - 'Risky'
January 3, 2017 | Bryon Harris

Kaiya On The Mountain is a 5-piece folk-rock band featuring Kaiya Pelletier (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo), Justyn Lewis (Lead Guitar), Matt Haugen (Bass), Jack Lund (Keys), and Liam Walker (Drums). Kiaya On The Mountain is refreshingly original and should be on your radar as an upcoming band for 2017. Their song, “Risky,” is a great introduction to Kaiya On The Mountain.

“Risky” is an upbeat, catchy tune with an engaging arrangement. The song begins with a brief rhythmic intro on the electric guitar, which is very nice, followed by the entrance of Kaiya’s vocals. Kaiya’s voice is full of energy and she hits all of her vocal runs with precision. Kaiya also has great nuance and presents original character in her voice which is welcomed in this day of cookie-cutter singers; Kaiya is unique and edgy in her own way, making her performance one that you can listen to many times and never grow tired of.

After the first verse, which consist of just guitar and vocals, the rest of the band comes in. The full arrangement of the band is truly engaging and makes for an uplifting musical experience. You are instantly up on your feet; the vibe is completely contagious. Kaiya On The Mountain delivers everything you would want and more to this folk-rock song; the lyrics are great, the vocals are unique and polished, the band is energized and tight, the chorus has a great hook, and there is an undeniable originality that sparkles from the songstress and the song.

“Risky” is all about falling for someone that you know you shouldn’t be falling for and having to let go after you’ve realized that they’re “just a little bit risky.” Kaiya sings, “Trying to clean up this mess that I made. But it's proving to be too much for me to handle,” then in the pre-chorus/chorus she sings “And I know I may be a little damaged. And you may be just a little bit risky. But I’ll let gooooo anyway.” The song was written by Kaiya Pelletier and Kaiya has nailed it on so many levels: lyrically, melodically and structurally; it's simply a great song.

Check out Kaiya On The Mountain's video performance of "Risky."

Kaiya On The Mountain brings a lot to the table with great musicianship and the ability to write kick-ass memorable songs like “Risky.” If you are looking for a new band to kick the New Year off with, Kaiya On The Mountain is a stellar choice! The name "On The Mountain" certainly fits this group as they are most definitely at the top of their genre. Kaiya On The Mountain will be working on their debut LP in 2017 and expect a release in the latter part of the year. They are also working on a West Coast tour for the summer. For more information on the band, please visit their website. - Bryon Harris


Still working on that hot first release.



If Florence & The Machine and Alabama Shakes had a baby, Kaiya On The Mountain would be their love child. 

This Portland Oregon based band consisting of Kaiya, Justyn, Jack, Matt and Liam all bring a special pizzazz to the sound that makes them who they are. Although the band is based in Portland, none of the members are actually from there. Every member moved from their respective hometowns to somehow eventually find each other and create what is now Kaiya On The Mountain.

Singer, Kaiya Pelletier started out as a solo-artist in 2011 and began writing and performing shows in the Portland area. During this time, she began using You Tube as a means to share her music and currently has over 1.3 million views on her channel.  Kaiya self-released her debut EP 'Full Of Creatures' in October of 2014, which was produced by Adam Selzer. Luke Ydstie and Katie Claborn from Blind Pilot also contributed. During that same month, she made the decision to forgo being a solo artist and put a band together. Justyn joined the band in December 2014 and has continued as one of the founding members. Kaiya On The Mountain released their debut EP 'Talking Wild' on November 18th, 2016 and will begin work on their LP in early 2017. 

This youthful band has the music, the energy and the looks to back up their passion and to put on an unforgettable show and they're all no older than 21. So if you like alternative folk-rock with a southern flare, stick around. You might just fall in love.

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