Kaja & Tetra

Kaja & Tetra


Midvintervaka is a vibrant colorful multilingual Midwinter brew made of Caribbean, Scandinavian, English, Greek, Arabic and East European music influences and traditional tunes performed by some of the most prominent musicians within the Swedish folk and world music scene of to day.


Midvintervaka is created by the two swedish folk/world music groups Kaja and Tetra. The members are all professional musicians performing in a number of different groups and projects, such as New Tide Orquesta, Ale Möllen Band, Kultiration, Sångensemblen Amanda and many other.

Mor info TBA.


Kaja & Tetra released the album Midvintervaka in November 2012 at the Swedish label Kakafon Records. Kaja have released two full length albums and one EP and Tetra one album on the side of this project and Tetra

Set List

The length of Set List can be adjusted depending on the occasion. This Set List, including talking between the songs, is about 1 hour and 15 min.

1. Joyeux Noël /Lusse lelle /Jovano Jovanke 4.22
2. Lucia 2.23
3. Staffansvisa 4.09
4. Kalanda 2.22
5. Midvintertid 3.45
6. Staines Morris 2.14
7. Gläd dig du Kristi brud / Christos Jinieti / Amana 5.33
8. Min fråga och mitt svar 4.03
9. Pyé Aleman / Kay la Nago 4.32
10. Ros i snö 3.30
11. Santa Lucia 4.00
12. Nais Balamo 4.06
13. Elegie 4.47
14. I vintersömnens famn 3.33
15. Hal lela hilluwa 3.41
16. Klappvalsen 2.23