Göteborg, Västra Götaland, SWE

"Klezmer, Tango, Eastern European folk sound, a bit of Swedish folk music, and a lot more is the foundation for the vital, captivating cheerful and sparkling music" / "...played with that incredible mixture of total passion and stringent abstemiousness and control..." / "...fabolously good". Their new third album Tre Trappor Upp displays further influences where swaying waltzes merge into acoustic loops improvisation, chilly soundscapes and then into uncompromising, full-throttle folk.



Nearly a decade together has honed Kaja into a genre of their own, an irresistible flowering of musical expressions. Rooted in Eastern European music, it finds nourishment in the borderlands between tradition and innovation. Kaja has always had a soft spot for Klezmer, Rumanian and Balkan beats, only now they have forged their own musical language by layering on more dimensions, richer content. On three released full-length albums they have explored klezmer, tango, Swedish folk, French waltzes, cinematic art music and improvisation in their all original Kaja compositions. Their third recently released album Tre Trappor Upp (Three Stories Up) displays further influences from American folk music, acoustic club music and Indian ragas. Swaying waltzes merge into acoustic loops, improvisation, chilly soundscapes and then into uncompromising, full-throttle folk.  

The communication between the three musicians on stage is allowing, expressive, playful, intimate and tight. Kaja flirt with a chamber musical expression without ever leaving the unpredictable spontanity of Folk music and improvisation. The dynamic possibilities of the acoustic instruments make this trio suitable on small intimate venues as well as big concert halls.

Kaja have been touring in Europe, Canada and South Korea and performed at jazz festivals, folk and world music festivals, culture houses, concert halls, clubs, boats, churches, schools, private parties, TV and radio. They have performed at Jarasum International Jazz Festival, Bukchoon World Music Festival, Global Jazz Festival, Europa Festival Utrecht, Sunfest (London Ontario), Vienna International Accordion Festival, Ume Folk Music Festival and Linkping Folkmusikfestival, to name a few.

Livet Nord - violin and viola
Camilla Astrom - accordion and piano
Daniel Wejdin - double bass

2005 Kaja was funded and toured in Sweden with new compositions.
2006 The first album Kaja was released with two traditional Klezmer tunes and three new compositions. Kaja toured in the southern part of Sweden and northern Germany.
2007 Their full-length album Krackel was released in the spring at the label Famous on the Moon Records. They performed at festivals, culture houses, theatres, museums, churches, clubs and private parties in Sweden.
2008 Kaja toured with public and school concerts in whole of Sweden. New music for the  play Riddar Blaskagg was composed. Riddar Blaskagg had premiere in Gothenburg and was performed by Kaja and the storyteller Kiriaki Christoforidis. Swedish Radio P2 recorded a concert at Korrfestivalen that has been broadcasted several times. 
2009 New music was composed for the upcoming album. Kaja recorded the first part of the album in October. 
2010 Kaja finished and released their second full length album Rust which has got rave reviews. Kaja toured in Sweden.
2011 They attended WOMEX in Copenhagen and toured in Sweden and Denmark.
2012 Kaja performed abroad, both in Canada and Holland, toured and did workshops in Sweden. Together with the vocal quartet Tetra, they released an album and toured with a Christmas show called "Midvintervaka".
2013 Kaja attended APAP in New York, USA in January and toured in South Korea in October. In South Korea they performed at Jarasum International Jazz Festival, Changwoo World Music Festival, Global Jazz Festival and made a TV concert in EBS Space. The 18th of November their third album Tre Trappor Upp is released.

Set List

Kaja concerts is 1-2 set, 40-60 minits/set of after agreement with the presentor.
The songs are normally 3-6 minutes long, sometimes longer depending on the improvisations.

Example of a concert set:

Phantom Limb 4.05 
Besvrjelse 3.31
Danska vgen 4.07
Fyra byrkrater och en brandtrappa 5.31
Hoting 3.15 
Dans med ryska dockor 5.48
Lullaby for Mira and Idun 3.18
43m2 3.43
Dubbel Espresso och en kondisbit 4.11
Pastellen grter 6.51
Tiergarten 3.35

The written length of each composition is copied from the album "Rust". Live there can be minor time differencies. Together with presentations this set aproximately is around 60 minits.