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Kajun Kelley



Here's the deal: I'm sitting here trying to write a biography about......myself. You see, in the music business, it's standard issue
that you MUST have a "bio," for a few reasons:

First, so people can read a description of what your music sounds like.
Have you ever tried to describe to somebody what your favorite song sounds like, in written words, without having the benefit of even humming them the tune? Inevitably you end up doing the dreaded "sounds like this band" or "kinda like this song" comparisons, which musicians HATE, because, you know, we are all so damned original that we couldn't possibly sound like anybody else, especially NOTHING like the bands we listen to.

Second, so people can find out where you're coming from. You know.....learn about the person behind the music (now that it's been so accurately described to them). This is where you talk about your childhood, your musical influences, loves, losses, trials and tribulations, all the things that shaped the ARTIST THAT IS YOU!! See, most bios (and I know this from experience) are actually written by the artist themselves, only in third person, to hopefully fool the reader into thinking it was written by some journalist or the whatnot. Most indie-artists can't afford a publicist, so they're forced to write it themselves. Or there's the ever-popular written by a friend of the band option.

Next, so people can get a feel for how you perform live. This is the dead giveaway portion of the written-by-somebody-in-the-band-or-one-of-their-friends bio. This is where the adjectives and superlatives run wild!! Things like "hard rocking-yet danceable," "emotionally charged but technically flawless," "instantly familiar yet totally original"--this is where you really pour it on!!! And don't forget to mention that every show is packed full of rabid fans who are always, ALWAYS, left screaming for more.

Finally, and most importantly, SELL! SELL! SELL! It's all about the bling, yo! I'm tryin' to make some coin up in here!! If you're writing your own bio, you probably don't have management or a label yet, and you'd like to have those things, so you can just play music and not have to worry about things like writing your own bio. You want to sell yourself to the prospective "buyers," so you have to talk yourself up on every level and make yourself appeal to anybody offering the million dollar contract. It would suck if you didn't get the contract because of a badly written bio. "We loved the music, but the bio sucks! We're gonna pass..."

Look--I totally understand why artists have to do this--I've written the self-aggrandizing bio many times. But I've decided to take this approach: Right now, I have no management and no label, i.e. nobody telling me what I can and cannot do, so why not take advantage of it? I'll just say what I want to say and skip all the selling points. Hopefully, you'll listen to the CD, come see a show, and decide for yourself.

I've been playing guitar since I was seven years old. I taught myself by playing along with my older brothers' Led Zeppelin, Stones, Kiss and Cheap Trick albums. I started writing songs around that same age. I played my first club gig at fifteen, and continued playing in rock bands for years, as a guitarist, background vocalist, and songwriter. In 1994, I released my first CD, Kajun Kelley Project-"Moods," a guitar-based, all instrumental CD. In 1995, I started playing with the Deanna Bogart Band. With Deanna, I have toured all over the United States, Europe, and Canada and played with many big name artists. I’ve also played on her last four CD’s, the latest being "Timing Is Everything," which was released in September 2002. In April 2006, I decided it was time to leave Deanna’s band and put all my efforts into my own project.

I recorded my latest CD, "StaleStoriesFreshEars," in between touring and recording with the Deanna Bogart Band. I sing and play all of the instruments, except for the drums and some of the percussion, which were masterfully played by Mike Aubin, drummer extraordinaire and all-around cool muv. I recorded, mixed, and produced it all in my bedroom on a desktop-sized digital studio, except for Mike's drums, which were recorded in his basement. The great thing about doing everything myself, and again, not having a label or producer telling me what I could or should do, is that I was free to record the songs exactly how I wanted to hear them. I didn't have to worry about "that song's too long" or "we need a single" or "no guitar solos." The way I see it, if a record label thinks one of my songs has the potential for radio play, but it's too long, THEY can shorten it. But right now, I might as well take advantage of having full artistic control. There may come a day when Mr. Deep Pocket Label Guy says, "We're interested, but we think we'd like to take you in a slightly different direction. We're thinking an NSync for adults kinda vibe" and I'll say "No way! That's no


Kajun Kelley:
1994- Moods
2002- Stale Stories Fresh Ears

Deanna Bogart:
New Address
Great Unknown
Deanna Bogart Live
Timing is Everything

Scott Paddock Electric Band:
From Within

Eric Scott:
Divine Static

Set List

Depending on the venue and set length, Kajun's will contain cover and original material.

Never Go Away
The Life That Got Away
Why Valerie?
ReEntry Song
Feel It
Ego Check
Can You Help Me
Future’s Passed Me By
My Sweet Memory
Reasons To Complain
Falling Behind
The Fire
Coming Around
True Love
Sky Is Falling
Restless Nights (instrumental)
Soaring (Instrumental)
Happy Song (instrumental)
Reggie’s Groove (instrumental)

Alice in Chains- Man in the Box, Would, Rooster, Got Me Wrong
Alter Bridge- Find the Real, Broken Wings
The Beatles- While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Ticket to Ride
Black Crowes- She Talks to Angels
Blues Traveler- Runaround
Cheap Trick- Surrender
Coldplay- Yellow, Trouble, Clocks
Allice Cooper- I'm 18
Fuel- Hemorrhage (Love Lies Bleeding)
Jimi Hendrix- All Along the Watchtower, Little Wing, Manic Depression
Incubus- Drive
Eric Johnson- Cliffs of Dover
Led Zeppelin- Dancing Days, Hey Hey What Can I D