Kakatsitsi, Master Drummers from Ghana

Kakatsitsi, Master Drummers from Ghana


Kakatsitsi are a group of traditional drummers, dancers and singers from the Ga tribe of Southern Ghana. Their new fusion set layers the sounds of traditional drums and chants on to electronic beats, basslines and melodies, building a bridge between the dance cultures of Africa and the West.


Kakatsitsi have toured the UK 10 times since 1996, performing at many of the leading festivals as well teaching and performing in schools and youth centres in partnership with local authorities. Kakatsitsi particularly like to invite their workshop students to join them on stage to facilitate a participatory element and the sense of social inclusion that is the inherent function of traditional music and dance.

In 2013, they are developing their fusion set, collaborating with electronic dance music pioneers The Orb and with their long-standing producer / manager Steve Peake, including an appearance on the West-Holts stage at Glastonbury2013.


1998 - Etxo Mia Dogo (We will see you tomorrow) released on Indigenous People.

2011 - Obame, Afrobuddha remix (Round in Motion records)

Various other unreleased tracks available on www.soundcloud.com/kakatsitsi

Set List

Kulomashie Processional Drumming
Libation Ceremony
Sea Never Dry