Kalai (Solo Acoustic)

Kalai (Solo Acoustic)

 Upton, Massachusetts, USA

Tyler Hilton is both a musician and an actor. He's known as the character "Chris Keller" on the hit CW show "One Tree Hill", and played the role of "Elvis" in the Academy Award winning film "Walk the Line". He has toured with Boyce Avenue, Gavin DeGraw, Colbie Caillat and Gloriana.


Chances are youve come across an amazingly insightful quote somewhere with a byline that read, -Anonymous- This man wrote all of those!
Hawaiian born, Alaskan raised, Utah based, he is the premier singer/songwriter/guitar player youve never heard of. Maybe you missed him on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Extra, TV guides Mvids or Mtv?
He will overfeed your senses. He rocks vocal tambour, often compared to Cat Stevens, powered control, likened to John Legend, and uncanny, no comparison finger-style guitar. All that combines with his very own stammering range, effortless falsetto rounding out an original sound his fans have dubbed, Urban Vintage. His writing is a neo-acoustic medley of 70s styling with a modern edge that ends up sounding like the future.
Something from any of his 5 albums is probably already on your iPod without you knowing it. Dont believe? His name is Kalai, Google it!
He, Kalai, is a 61, 180 pound, 20 something, plaid loving dude with a led weight in his soul and a honest to goodness, violently large and equally purple growth on his left hand which he has to keep bandaged for life.
He unwrapped the self described, birth mark that earned him his plumber given nick-name, The Hand (Kalai comes from a family of plumbers) and I took two steps back and immediately realized It would take a third before I could take it into focus
if I hadnt just seen the most amazing one man show my ears and eyes have ever experienced. I wouldve thought simply, whoa! Although, since I had seen such a show it was more like, Wow!
What I saw was a single man sitting on a home made stool cut low, because thats how the guy likes it, bearing a nameless logo which looks a bit like a tiki with a guitar in its face. One Mic, an old-school delay pedal, No loop machine, No auto-tune, just 14 songs (I counted because I wanted 20.) He sported the, to be expected, mountain man beard of undetermined length and a shoulder length mop of jet black hair that, he says, hes been meaning to cut for a couple of years. He tuned for a second and then his fingers went, his mouth opened and I stopped thinking about what I saw.
To contrast some of the most simply intricate melodies Ive heard since the 70s, he threw in a couple spontaneous comic monologues in between songs which were so gut-busting that I, and the other 2,500 of us in attendance, thought we were all bi-polar by curtains. The dude was good, real good.
How does a guy do to a guitar what, being realistic, only maybe 8 guys on the planet can? How, with what looks like a skin covered boxing glove covering nearly the entirety of his left hand and encompassing, absolutely, his thumb? He cant even squeeze a wrench with his left, by his own admission, but he can jam harder than jelly!? It was as grotesque as it was beautiful.
Whether youre listening for it or not, youll feel like youve found something everyone needs to know about. With a musical range as vast as his origin,
Kalai is Urban Vintage!


Acoustacism - Released 2001
Six Strings And The Rainy Day Man - Released 2002
Rebel Hands - Released 2004
Crows Feet - Released 2006

Kalai has performed on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, “Extra”, TV guide’s “Mvids” and his music video, "She" was featured on MTV.
Kalai has performed with "The Wailers" (Formerly "Bob Marley and The Wailers"), "G-Love and Special Sauce" and "Howie Day" to name a few.

Kalai's music has been featured in major motion pictures, IMAX features, and many other film productions. Some of these include: The Work and The Glory 2, The Legend of Johnny Lingo, The Mysteries of Egypt, and HBO's "Compulsive" (original music score) amongst others.

Set List

Kalai is 5 albums deep, so a typical solo set for him will be mostly original music. His originals range over all tempos and energy levels. His guitar work is very room filling and his vocals are huge and controlled. Just when you've gone dizzy from "head-bobbing" he'll get you with a ballad or a jaw-dropping solo. He does, usually, include a few covers rearranged with a sharp acoustic edge such as "Voo Doo Child" by Jimi Hendrix, The Beatle's "Come Together" and Bob Marley's "Thank You Lord". Kalai takes great pride in being adaptable to whatever the situation calls for and/or whatever those who have booked him request of his set (I.E. If you want slow, fast, hard, soft... you'll get it. Just ask.)He also offers a few anecdotal comedic moments which are ALWAYS funny and always off the hip.