kalamazoo river monsters

kalamazoo river monsters


roots mix of reggae folk rock dance pop and funk like you have never seen. 4 lead singers with many different instruments. All musicians that have been in successfull bands previously! Banjo acoustic guitar electric guitar trombone drums and bass.


This band was created by musicians from other bands that became friends from playing shows together, which in turn created a group out of the jams we were creating. Now we have enough material yo cover a whole night of music on our own ranging from Stevie Wonder to the Black Keys. If you like a high energy show that deals alot with crowd onteraction then you want to see the Kalamazoo River Monsters

Louis Bryant (Reggae guitar vocals)
Jason Walker (roots banjo and vocals)
Adam Spencer (Drums)
Matt Truman (Rock Guitar and vocals)
Alexander Curry ( Dance Pop Trombone Vocals)
Will Betts (Bass)