Kaleb Brown

Kaleb Brown

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A unique blend of backwoods hip-hop swagger with dancehall reggae influenced vibes. Kaleb Brown seamlessly blends a wide range of musical styles including r&b, reggae, hip-hop, folk, and funk. Recalling the best of golden-era hip-hop, Kaleb's music is both raw and melodic, fresh and exciting.


Born in Salisbury, Maryland in 1983 and raised in Ocean City and the backwoods of Berlin. Started making music in high school after falling in love with underground hip-hop and roots reggae. Kaleb takes all these influences and mixes it into one big pot that sounds totally original and like nothing else. With equal parts dancehall and raw hip-hop, Kaleb's vocal style is truly unique. He creates beats with his in-house production squad, and leads a live band when performing. Take a listen and you will see, Kaleb Brown's sound is the sound of the future...


Kaleb Brown-"The Seed", to be released in December

Set List

Average set is typically 30 minuutes to an hour, here is a list of the songs:

1. Kill another sound boy
2. The Seed
3. Ayo DJ!
4. Free
5. The Main Event
6. Feel you
7. Sunshine Girl
8. Searching
9. I Know that you know
10. Backwoods
11. Kicked Down
12. Born Again