Heart Music

Heart Music


I write from the heart. This is real music, real life, real Christ.


Look this is the story. I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and spent most of my life in trouble. Kicked outta every school from Pre to High...so I joined the navy due to a court order but you can imagine what happened...I got kicked out. So I got on this crazy grind, state to state, sellin everything. One day I was in La, Cali...I used to stay downtown on 5th and main. Anyway some traumatic and supernatural events took place that made me change my life and want more out of it. So now I spit hope to the hopeless, but I dont wanna spoil the music so just check it out.


Mercy & Grace

Written By: Kaleb Starr

Its a everyday struggle, i fight though life's troubles, And write despite devils through nights i might stumble, but thats the price to write thunder, at time my mind wonder, I'm tryin’ not to slumber, so while the rest stop like truckers, i press like phone numbers, and stretch like long runners, flesh weak but something in me stronger, that keep sin away like it owes brothers, the soul lover that so loved us, his own son was chosen to free more slaves than moses, the foreign lovers, the long summers, the wrong hungers, i try to suppress till the honeymoon come up, how do i weather, the storms of temptation, the longings i’ve been facing, the former young Kaleb, man its so hard to carry the weight, but the price is right, tell Carey to weight. Mercy and Grace that carries me from day to day. All the impossibles made possible and the obstacles that I’ve been through , through , I did my best to live the best a weak flesh man could and every test was just a blessing however it look, and I ain’t never been better, man forever I’m good, I’ve seen in climate weather in my neck of the woods, kept sweaters and umbrellas whenever I could but sometimes I left wetter than the rest of them would sometime hard times turned out better than they should thats why He’s good always and He’s always good, man, he will take the least and make the most of it, you’ll reap the bulk of it, gotta see the Lord touch it, to reach the dreams of my heart cousin, to hold the weight of my call cousin, thats why I learn to trust Him, I said thats why I learn to trust Him. Its just Mercy and Grace, I ain’t never done nothing to deserve your love, when I fall, your always here to pick me up, when I call, open ears and a touch from above, my heart, cries out cuz you been so good (and I try), I could never pay the debt that I owe, and I cry, cuz I be trippin‘ but you never let go, and why, thats something I may never know...


Certified Bang Session, No Matter What, The Dedication

Set List

All I need is a mic, 3-5 songs, I don't do cover songs. Sets are about 40 minutes to 1 hour.