Detroit, Michigan, USA


The 4 piece pop/rock group Kaleido surfaced in 2011 in Detroit, Michigan. Co-founders, Christina Chriss and Joey Fava met in 2010, and while both deeply submerged in the music scene with their own respective bands/projects, began writing together. Without any expectations, they recorded their first song, 'This Far', and knew instantly they had something very special. Combining Christina's powerful vocals and lyrics with Joey's thunderous drums and multi-instrumental songwriting ability, they wrote and recorded a handful of songs that would later define their sound. Almost falling right out of the sky into their hands, came Ronnie Rosolino, a talented guitar player with style, passion, and fire. They knew he would be perfect for their sound. Without question, there was only one person who could bring the driving, funk oriented bass the music demanded. Enter, long time friend and former band mate of Christina, Cody Morales.

In May 2011, Christina was invited to perform at the Roxy on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, and after only a handful of practices, flew cross country with the newly formed, currently unnamed band, to play what would be their very first show. The reaction in LA was incredible, and shortly upon returning home, Christina decided to name the band Kaleido. "The instant that it came to me, I knew it was right, and that intuition carries on into everything this band is", Christina says.

The group fuses heavy hitting rock with melodically driven pop elements, and emotional, real life lyrics. With a bright future and the family like bond the members share, Kaleido is destined for greatness.


Forever Together(Raido Airplay)
Love Design(Raido Airplay)