St. Louis, Missouri, USA
BandFolkClassic Rock

Kaleidoscope is a cool, versatile group playing classic rock, blues & folk rock. Known for strong vocal harmonies, instrumentation also consists of 6- & 12-string acoustic guitars, electric guitars & bass, keyboard, harmonicas, and a variety of percussion instruments. Small group sizes available.


Kaleidoscope is a collaboration of musicians from various bands in St. Louis, who were looking for additional outlets and variety. With a pool of rotating musicians to draw upon, Kaleidoscope can shift its size, pattern and style to produce the optimum vibe for each particular venue or event. Influences include classic rock and blues groups, especially from the 60s and 70s. More information at www.KaleidoscopeBand.net


Kaleidoscope has videos available on our website at www.KaleidoscopeBand.net . Because this band is just getting started, audio recordings are under construction. Barb & Teresa have some recordings of the two of them at www.myspace.com/StellaLunaBand.com .
Kyle Nienhaus has recorded many original songs on his own and with the Kyle Nienhaus Blues Band and with Our Children's Children (all also can be found on myspace).

Set List

Our typical repertoire comes from artists such as: The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, Neil Young, Crosby Still & Nash, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Elton John, The Guess Who, Led Zepplin, Van Morrison, Johnny Cash, Steely Dan, and similar artists.