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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"The Future Is Now!"

"Kaleo Futuristo is a breath of fresh futuristic air amidst the hum-drum, cookie-cutter landscape that has become hip-hop music. His show is a non-stop fuel injected ride through the mind of a quirky and animated, yet deep, spiritual soul that is sure to make noise in this music game. - Musician's Forum

"Up and Coming: L.A."

"This young man is going to be one to watch! If the right people get ahold of this unsigned artist, he could do big things on a global scale." - Beat Street

"The Next"

" He's got great music and a powerful message. He's different, confident and explosive. Definiatly a pleasure to experience." - Heads Up!


Check out the Hot New Singles, "Save The World", and "Chop It Up", off of Kaleo's debut solo album,
Kaleo Futuristo: I Am Kaleo


Feeling a bit camera shy


KALEO FUTURISTO is an incredibly unique artist with an equally incredible look, sound and message. He comes from the musically rich city of Pasadena, CA., which has molded him and his music into an eclectic representation of DIVERSITY, and FREEDOM.
He is an amazingly talented individual who writes, produces and performs all of his own music, vocals and lyrics. KALEO FUTURISTO is a special musical anomaly, who displays all of his talents with a flair previously unseen in the hip-hop arena.
His image? Well, FUTURISTO's looks are unmistakably characteristic of his personality: FUN, CONFIDENT and CAREFREE. He has one of the most eclectic styles that you'll see in music or fashion. Whether he's sportin' all- fur suits and cutting edge threads to make the hollywood heads turn, crazed-out vintage b-boy outfits with gold twists in his hair, or simple sarongs, he is nothing short of 100% KALEO FUTURISTO; INTRIGUING, MAGICAL and MESMERIZING.
FUTURISTO's sound is just like his look, POWERFUL and MAGNETIC. A big, heavy hip-hop feel matched against his melodic arrangements, produce a musical sound that is undeniably HOT! His powerful tracks are perfectly complemented by his non-stop, highly energetic onslaught of lyrical thunder and sharp verbal lightning, highlighting his dynamic styles ranging from quirky animated street tales, to deep and intricate storytellin'. Truthfully raw and insightful, yet fun and amusing, KALEO FUTURISTO successfully blends product and purpose to produce a unique musical creation that stands on its own in the hip-hop world.
KALEO FUTURISTO's bangin' music, and uniquely powerful flow are outstanding on their own and make him one to be respected by any and all hip-hop enthusiasts, but perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this character's package is his message and his persona. KALEO FUTURISTO is an extraordinary personality who seems to entrance and leave a mark on all other energies that he comes in contact with. Whether he's rippin' the mic in a L.A. hot spot, talking to the young ones in the 'hood or meditating in the raw element of nature, he emits an energy that is UNEXPLAINABLY ATTRACTIVE and MAGNETIC.
KALEO FUTURISTO understands what hip-hop enthusiasts want: high-powered energy. He also understands what the world at large needs...a purpose. With this in mind, KALEO FUTURISTO has created a brand new style of hip-hop which completely provides for every aspect of the musical spectrum. He calls it "AGGRESSIVE POSITIVITY". Never before has there been such a powerfully positive message like this one, which appeals to the masses, yet sends a message of unity, and is all neatly packaged in one of the most unique characters that you'll ever find.
KALEO FUTURISTO is the one poised and ready to usher in this new raw energy and message into the musical forefront. KALEO, in the Hawaiian language means, "THE VOICE, THE MUSIC AND THE SONG." Named by his late, clairvoyant, and spiritually rich TuTu (grandmother), KALEO FUTURISTO has been destined to acheive his goals and to see his true purpose come to fruition.